• The tablet is used in meditation, professionals share a pleasant moment with them dealing with more fun and less stressful topics.
  • This toolbox includes all the problems that stakeholders can deal with.
    Games work without Wifi and are well-adapted to the assisted population.
  • Self-esteem is very important and a simple manicure can have a lot of impact on how you see yourself.
  • Stakeholders thus have a mission with higher added value. It’s rewarding for them, and reassuring. They have adapted tools.
    This gives them confidence…
  • Families are thus reassured to know that their close family member is stimulated cognitively and discovers new technologies.
  • They receive the benefits on their memory and await the speaker with impatience. They discover new technologies, which allows them to better integrate into today’s world.



With the Caregiver’s Toolbox by DYNSEO, each caregiver, home care services, companion care services, or home health services benefit from tools that will help them take care of each beneficiary. In this complete toolbox, you’ll find physical tools and numerical tools. As our games on tablet work without wifi, home use is facilitated.



Offer a complete, innovative toolbox to deal with any situation and help professional caregivers to create a link and better support for children as well as for the people they accompany.

By taking care of them, by rewarding them.



The toolbox includes :

  • But also physical accessories
    • A foam ball to maintain motor skills
    • And wellness accessories
      • Nail polish
      • Manicure kit
      • Hand massage: massage cream, refreshing wipes


Images are not contractual, physical products brands will evolve according to the stocks.




Stim’Art is a playful memory games program adapted for the abilities and wishes of each. The caregiver can take care of  the beneficiaries whom she accompanies, serenely, while stimulating her cognitively.
The Scarlett version is easier and allows to accompany seniors with cognitive impairment, the Clint version is more difficult, more challenging and is suitable for seniors in prevention.

The tablet is used in mediation with the caregiver, which has a real tool. Each player can have access to their game statistics:

  • progression and evolution, to be able to challenge oneself: favorite games, success rates, difficulty levels chosen  …
  • follow-up of the person’s well-being

The caregiver service will have the choice of Clint or Scarlett.

The Rolling Ball


With the Rolling Ball app, users practice their fine motor skills. The tablet is used as a pendulum-support to move the ball on the screen. It includes a set of complementary exercises for people with movement disorders and coordination (Parkinson, dyspraxia …) functional rehabilitation.

Several exercises are proposed:

  • Circling
  • Ball in the center
  • Circle tracking
  • Line tracking


  • Relaxing applications


 Newton’s Anti-Stress Cradle

Bubble Wrap


Ambient lights


Mandalas coloring

Magnifying loupe 

  • Other practical apps, anti-stress games…


With this toolbox, home helpers benefit from a comprehensive and practical tool to take care of seniors. Thus home helpers have a valuable and useful tool.

Offers with and without tablet are available, you can download the brochure here.