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 focused is essential to succeed in school. Its development is gradually. Before the nursery school’s route and even after, the ideal would be to help every child to gain a good concentration. How can parents proceed? Here are 9 tips to get a better result.


Keep a quiet environment at home


For the child, the home where he lives represents his haven of peace, he must feel happy, heard and loved. Even if all parents sometimes can be pushed to their limits by their children, it is important to excuse and explain them the reason of anger, it is always preferable to discuss with the child quietly. There ate several situatuons which can reduce your child’s concentration. In fact, the environment which is external to his living place, such as activities or a party with friends in the garden, can affect his concentration. Keeping a quiet environment, you can avoid all distractions for your child so that he can keep focused and surely succeed in school.


Stay positive in the presence of your child


Generally, when you argue with your partner, the child immediately gets worried about you as well as you get worried about him. Whatever the subject of the quarrel is more or less important, the child will dramatize it. So it is important to speak about negative subjects when the cild is not there. A positive atmosphere for your child increases his good mood, his desire to learn and to discover. Thus avoiding these situations, you could prevent a source of concern in the child and then a distraction.


Make sure your child gets enough sleep


Concentration and resistance to stress of everyday life are related to the quality of sleep. A good time of sleep is necessary. You’d better monitor the hour when the child go to bed. You can also help your child to have a good sleep avoiding certain beverages in the evening. This is for example orange juice. You should also avoid to give him  any cola drink. Children must sleep in an environment which is quiet and safe. It is well-known fact that screens and sleep do not go together. When a child has to concentrate, if he is tired, he will be distracted by everything. The lack of sleep has an important impact on motivation and on concentration of the child, so it is important to establish a quality of sleep which is impeccable for your child.


Be mindful of your child’s alimentation


We also opt for an alimentation which is adapted to the child’s daily needs. For a better concentration, you should give to the child aliments which are rich in omega 3. Fish contributes to improve the concentration and the behaviour of the child. Enjoy for child’s harmony and concentration. Integrate fish with his daily alimentation. A bad alimentation can obstruct the good functioning of the brain. You need to know that a quarter of what you consume is directly for your brain. So we understand that alimentation and concentration are connected. Your child will have to avoid for example the excess of carbs, calories and bad fat which can destabilise your child’s concentration.


Take breaks


It is not about taking a siesta, it is rather a question of thinking of other things or focusing on oneself. It is impossible to keep focused for a long period, especially for children. Take breaks will allow him to escape for a while and to think of other things. When the child goes back working, the concentration will be optimal because he will be refreshed and so he will be able to keep working focusing by himself. Forcing the child’s concentration is not a good idea. In fact, when we oblige a child to do something, generally he has a tendency to do the opposite.


Avoid distractions


To help the child to be focused, it is important to avoid every distraction for him! For example, you can take the screens out from the table while eating or establish some rules and rituals. This will have the merit of increasing the quality of family time!


Set goals


Setting goals can allow the child to find another motivation to work and concentrate. The stimulation of children is a process which can be translated through different activities, especially through school work. So you can implement a reward system. For example, when your child struggle to be focused, you can set a goal for him such as a work time, tasks to accomplish and you can offer him something he likes if he succeeds. Of course, this process must be used with moderation, if the child is always stimulated in this way, he will surely struggle to be focused by himself and without goals.


Introduce music to your child


Music has a good impact on children’s concentration. A British study investigated the influence of classical music on concentration. The result of this study proves that classical music helps children to be focused. So, why don’t you introduce your child to classical music? He will better focus. Classical music improves children’s ability to learn and causes a better self-discipline. You can register your child to a music class near home. Generally, to play a musical instrument helps children to have a good concentration. Encourage every child to play the musical instrument which he tends to like.


Find activities to optimize your child’s concentration


There is a variety of activities which contribute to concentration and memorization. Do not hesitate to propose to your child memory games. You can choose games adapted to his age. Your child must not consider them as duties. Another important thing is to limit the time the child spends in front of screens. You can organize it so that he does not spend all day in front of television, computer or videogames. At home, you can also dedicate a quiet place to your child for his homework. Eliminate all distractions when it comes time to do tasks. Also yoga can be an activity which allows him to relax and optimize his concentration. There are different yoga exercises adapted to children such as cat pose, tree pose or even downward dog pose.



Make your child exercise


A few minutes of sport are beneficial to improve children’s concentration. Help your child to evolve in a sport which contributes to boost his concentration and confidence. Let him choose a sport he likes. Do not impose nothing! According to some researchers (Dartmouth College), 12 minutes of sport improve the ability to concentrate and therefore the learning capacity. Physical exercises in small doses have the power to stimulate memory.

Nowadays, we propose you Coco, a playful and sporty app to stimulate your children and propose them funny physical exercises!


Coco is an app which imposes a sports break every 15 minutes of screen time. This allows children to clear their minds and then to be more focused!


Note that it is also possible to use the app only for sports activities and to adapt games to your child. Personalize his experience and teach him to be focused.