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With age, the brain tends to lose its speed, pretty much so like the body. It is therefore essential to train your cognitive functions: memory, attention, language, executive functions, etc… in order to preserve your brain’s capacities as long as possible. Indeed, cognitive disorders can be a sign of a neurodegenerative disease, the most well known being Alzheimer’s disease, which results in a decrease in memory, reasoning capacity, as well as a loss of autonomy.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, as one says, and one of the keys to aging well and in good health is to keep your brain active and in good shape through daily cognitive stimulation exercises.

Our memory game programs work on different cognitive functions such as:


  • Recognition of important stimuli
  • Recognition of distracting stimuli
  • Attentional focus
  • Selective, divided and sustained attention

Executive functions

  • Mental flexibility
  • Management of thoughts and emotions
  • Inhibition
  • Problem solving

Mental agility

  • Fluency in accomplishing a task
  • Response time
  • Automation of a task
  • Speed of stimulus recognition

Working memory

  • Immediate information processing
  • Mental operations
  • Manipulation of information
  • Search for a solution

Semantic memory

  • Retention of knowledge
  • Retention of vocabulary
  • Creation of abstract concepts
  • Interpretation of gestures and symbols


Autobiographical memory

  • Memorization of autobiographical knowledge
  • Creation of environmental contexts
  • Mental representations
  • Memorization of sensory and perceptual details

Episodic memory

  • Memorization of temporal sequences
  • Memorization of spatial knowledge
  • Representation of personal memories
  • Integration of different sensory memories

Visual gnosis
and visual memory

  • Identification of objects
  • Identification of people
  • Analysis of objects and the environment
  • Organized eye movements

Visuospatial skills

  • Representation of space
  • Creation of mental images
  • Evaluation of distances
  • Orientation in space

Auditory gnosis
and auditory memory

  • Memorization of sounds
  • Memorization of words
  • Comprehension of oral language
  • Memorization of sound information in the immediate



At DYNSEO, we are committed to developing effective tools to stimulate people with cognitive disorders, disabilities or autism. But that’s not all! Our games meant to prevent the appearance and decline of these disorders can also be played by everyone, children, adults wishing to have fun!>

Ever since the beginning, our apps have been part of a scientific validation process, and we rely on scientific studies that are references in the field of neuroscience.

Thus, the braint training programs COCO THINKS and COCO MOVES, CLINT, and SCARLETT have been developed to be exhaustive solutions to train all these cognitive functions.

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