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The intergenerational brain games platform

- memory games
- logic games
- rehabilitation games
- multiplayer games

Meet Suzie, your brain coach

Coco, N°1 educational games

Coco, N°1 educational games

Coco is an educational games program for children. With Coco, offer educational games to your children aged 5 to 10 years old to help them develop their concentration, attention, memory and understanding, while enriching their vocabulary. This educational software will delight your children.

Clint, brain training in prevention

Clint, brain training in prevention

Clint program is a challenging brain games program. It improves your memory skills by exercising your memory, your attention, your concentration… and more!

Scarlett, brain games for seniors

Scarlett, brain games for seniors

Brain games adapted for seniors with cognitive impairment. Indeed, the program was designed in workshops in nursing homes, where we worked with health professionals about the favorite games of residents.

The Dynseo Family

Tess - COCO

  • The educational games are well chosen, they were recommended by the speech therapist who looks after Tess. They work while playing!

Greg - CLINT
  • I had taken a subscription for my parents, and I ended up taking one for me too. These games are very diversified, and Coach Suzie's feedback is very interesting and stimulating !

  • My husband suffers from Alzheimer's, and the homecare service team that helps him suggested the Scarlett application. He plays with it, or with the help of caregivers. I see real and concrete progress, he is doing better, thank for what you brought us!

Ethan - COCO

  • Coco application is great, For example we are coming back from a trip to London and my 6 year old son was able to play on my iPhone on the plane. No need for internet, it's just perfect for parents in any situation ... He finds the games great and he learns a lot of things.

Alice - JOE
  • The brain training is very entertaining, I see progress in my daily life and Suzie - our brain coach - is really helpful. Keep up the good work!

Mrs Rosenblum - SCARLETT
  • Very good results concerning my dad (88 years old) who became addict to Scarlett and always wants more of it !! Thanks a lot ! This way you allowed him to "live", his tablet game him a chance to move forward but also created a link between us. Scarlett is a "virtual person" who is a daily soothing presence. One game he wins = one good day for him. THANKS !
Lily & Rebecca - COCO

  • We are spending very good family time thanks to Coco! Lily was spending a lot of time in front of screens, and I couldn’t get her away from them. With Coco, games are smarter and teach her plenty of things. She also competes with her older sister, they laugh together and it’s great to see!

  • As a speech therapist, I often recommend your apps to my patients : games are fun and they are a great home support between reeducation sessions. I also use it in my office with some patients.
  • Games are great, and even draw in my grandchildren when we keep them. We found a great activity together! Thanks for these precious moments.

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