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DYNSEO and you

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Become DYNSEO ambassadors and become involved in the brain training of your loved ones

Join a community of parents, teachers and healthcare professionals ready to invest in the future education of all the members of your family.

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Our success is your success

home help and dalzheimer's disease

With the Ambassador program, we thought of a community of professionals and individuals who could help us spread the word about our programs. In their own way. With the values we share.

That’s why we need healthcare professionals, therapists and homecare providers who want to make brain training a priority.

But also parents and teachers who want to make education a priority.

In this way, we create a community of DYNSEO ambassadors, ready to help us pass on our vision.
With your help, we want to bring you and all our customers the very best brain training programs.

What does it involve?


Become a member of the Dynseo ambassador community


Take part in Ambassador meetings and share your experience with us


10% discount for friends and family and/or customers


You help us bring visibility to social issues

But what exactly are Dynseo applications?

Brain training applications for all ages and cognitive levels.

With adapted interfaces and culturally personalized content, you’ll find fun and cultural games to train your brain and that of your friends and family.



The children’s educational coach.
Educational and physical games to develop the brain. Every 15 minutes of screen time, a sports break is imposed.

Smart screen time without the Internet.



More than 30 easy-to-use, tablet-based memory games to train cognitive functions. No timer or score, just enjoy the game.

You don’t need the Internet to play!



Train your brain with puzzle and strategy games, as well as games on culture, geography or literature.

For independent adults and seniors, at home or in therapy.

To become an Ambassador, send us an e-mail to

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