The rolling ball, a tablet application that exercices fine motor skills and attention


The rolling ball is our tablet application that exercises fine motor skills. The tablet is used as a pendulum support to move the ball at screen. The proposed exercises allow a functional rehabilitation in people with movement and coordination disorder (Parkinson, dyspraxia…).


It proposes several exercises:

  • Chase the circles
  • Keep it at the center
  • Stay in the circle
  • Follow the line

You can configure settings: the size of the ball, the speed of the ball, etc., in order to make each exercise configurable and customizable.



Stimulated functions

With the Rolling Ball, several functions are stimulated:

  • attention
  • location in space
  • fine motor skills
  • working memory
  • executive functions (including adaptation to situations, to the exercise’s objects)
  • the work of bimanual coordination

Indeed, fine motor skills are about the ability to handle and manipulate objects using the hand, fingers and thumb.

It aims to develop control of small muscles and their coordination with the eye.
With the ergonomic exercises offered in the Rolling ball, players can develop the agility of their fingers but also the flexibility of their wrist and their eye-hand coordination.
Moreover, with the different exercises the player works location in space thanks to the ball movement on the screen.


The speed of the ball, as well as the size, is adjustable in the settings and allows you to adjust the difficulty of the exercise.

These exercises can help people with attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity, by teaching them to focus for a certain amount of time.
However, attention is an important cognitive function that must be worked on regularly.
The rolling ball exercises finally allow users to gain self confidence by performing them.


A variety of exercises




You can choose several trajectories, and then use the tablet as a pendulum to follow the line.



The goal is to keep the ball at the center of the screen for a limited time.




Keep the ball inside the circle.




Make the ball roll through the circles that appear on the screen.


Performance monitoring

Also, the application allows to visualize the evolution of each user, essential for a follow-up case by case by a health professional or simply to observe its performance over time.



It is possible to follow the number of games, the selected level for each game as well as its average score. Moreover, for each game, the user can view the score obtained.



 Several uses:

The tablet application The rolling ball can be used by health professionals like :

    • occupational therapists
    • psychomotricians
    • physiotherapists

But also by anyone wishing to work motor skills and attention, on the advice of their doctor.


Download The rolling ball and test it for free

You can download it on Google Play Store, you benefit from a one week free trial period.

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