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Coco, educational games for children.

With Coco, offer educational games to your children aged 5 to 13 years old to help them develop their concentration, attention, memory and understanding, while enriching their vocabulary.

This educational software will delight your children from 5 to 13 years, also participating in their learning.

Test Coco, educational games for free 

12 games are already available:

Share a good time with family on educational games!

Nothing better than playing with your child! To do this, play against each other through the screen of the tablet that separates in two.

The benefits of Coco, educational games


The world of educational software Coco is simple and intuitive, and allows children to develop concentration and attention, while working on their vocabulary,


Children can compare their scores, and so stimulate each other to progress!


A web platform allows you as parents to follow the evolution of your children! You are aware of his favorite game, his progress, the time spent on games, etc.


The games work without Wifi. Convenient to take care of during long journeys!


You can play with your children, because on some games the screen splits in two, and that the best wins!

Download and free test Stim’Art Coco


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