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Language and learning disorders: supporting children

How to accompany a child with language and learning disabilities?   Children with language disorders have difficulty expressing themselves or writing. In school, they have more difficulty learning than others. There are several types of disorders: dyslexia,...

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Is my child dyspraxic? Signs and support

Dyspraxia is a common disorder that affects an average of 6 out of 10 children. This figure only includes children between the ages of 5 and 12. It is described as a neurodevelopmental disorder. Alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy could induce the onset of...

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How do I channel my child’s hyperactivity?

According to statistics, up to 5% of children are affected by hyperactivity, also called ADHD. This acronym stands for "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder". Doctors say that its origin is neurobiological which diagnosis must be made by a specialist. There are a...

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Early signs of a learning disability in my child

It is often said that school is the temple of knowledge. Learning disabilities can occur at any time. Most often, the child had difficulties completing his activities. He often has his head in the clouds: there are many signs that indicate learning difficulties that...

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Supporting children with ADHD

Dynseo is involved in helping children. Our goal is to give all children the same resources and opportunities to have a good development.  Children with ADHD have difficulty concentrating, which can manifest itself as inattention, hyperactivity or impulsiveness. ...

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Supporting children with Down Syndrome with Coco

Down syndrome is a non-hereditary chromosomal abnormality that leads to the presence of three chromosomes 21. This pathology influences the development of the child who reaches the stages of its development with a more or less marked delay. Dynseo and its team are...

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Is parental control the solution for parents?

IntroductionThese days, screens are an integral part of our daily lives. As a result, children are born with this technology right in their hands. But this is not without consequences. Indeed, the negative effects of screens on the development of children is nowadays...

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Boost your children’s confidence

Self-confidence is defined as the inner certainty of one's own worth. There are 3 major periods in the construction of a child's self-confidence. These are: the acquisition to walking, the Oedipus period and adolescence. Fortunately, parents can promote children's...

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