Stimulation and cognitive rehabilitation software


If you are a therapist, a geriatrician, a psychologist, a psychomotor or an occupational therapist, you might be interested in …

Our cognitive test to identify and diagnose disorders

– Our fostering and cognitive rehabilitation software, so you can practice with your patients or prescribe exercises to do at home in an accommodating way. In this way, their rehabilitation is more interactive.


With its innovative software, DYNSEO offers healthcare professionals a tool enabling them to:

Suggest their patients custom tools tailored to their skills, abilities, and needs

Follow the evolution and improvement of their remote patients without fear or concern, and thus allowing them to adapt their training sessions.

Take part in clinical research for the development of medical standards

Strengthen their relationship with their patients, who know they are being followed by professionals and supported, even remotely.

Help your patients take control of their own cognitive rehabilitation through innovative programs.


Beyond the programs already developed on Stim’Art, we offer you the opportunity to introduce tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your patients.

We support your work in designing custom programs that can be adapted to your real-life needs, with appropriate levels of difficulty. You will be able to :

–  select the cognitive stimulation games,

– choose each game’s settings (level of difficulty, game rules, …),

– define the type of workout for each patient on the tablet  or via the web platform

– monitor each patient’s evolution in the course of the therapy.