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scarlett games cognitive stimulation

Cognitive stimulation

Explore our memory games program specially designed for seniors suffering from cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. Offer them an entertaining and stimulating experience without frustration.
Join us in supporting the memory and quality of life of your loved ones.
scarlett cultural games memories

Culture & memories

SCARLETT’s wide range of cultural games will help you develop your knowledge, while reviving your memories and strengthening your mental capacities.
These playful activities are specially designed to stimulate memory, encouraging lively and moving discussions about past experiences.
scarlett multiplayer games

2 player games

These activities for two are an excellent way of communicating, sharing anecdotes and memories. Whether you’re playing with a loved one, a home carer or a healthcare professional, these warm moments will strengthen emotional bonds while stimulating intellectual faculties.
Experience the therapeutic and magical power of games!
scarlett well-being follow-up tablet encouragement

The pleasure of playing

Your coach Scarlett is extremely caring! We want to offer a unique playing experience, without pressure or competition. There’s no checking, no scores to beat. Our priority is to offer you carefully adapted games, with several levels of difficulty, to meet every specific need.
The emphasis is on fun, learning and well-being, without any unnecessary pressure.
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Your wellbeing coach

Your coach SCARLETT attaches great importance to your mental well-being. She pays close attention to your emotional health and shares useful tips with you. If you’re feeling sluggish, she’ll suggest activities to improve your well-being.
You can always count on her caring presence to look after you.
scarlett professional benefits

Professional features

As a professional, you’ll have access to exclusive features: unlimited profile creation, the ability to filter games by target cognitive function, or by category (group activities, games for 2, or individual activities). As an option, access to a secure platform will enable you to create player files, with personalized recommendations and analysis of the cognitive functions stimulated and to be stimulated.


and stimulate all your cognitive functions!

The games have been designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals to be comprehensive in terms of memory training, and tailored not to frustrate individuals with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Scarlett is becoming the preferred gaming program for seniors!

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You are a healthcare professional

As a professional, you can create an unlimited number of players and stimulate all your beneficiaries.

What’s more, you can access a tracking platform to follow the evolution of their performance (success rate, difficulty levels chosen, favorite games…). to identify vulnerabilities and personalize the therapeutic plan.

Our programs are used and recommended by neuropsychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and psychomotor therapists, for use in private practice or at home.

From $9 USD per month per tablet

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More 30 000 users


My Dad (88 years old) has become an Edith addict and he wants more!!!! Thanks to you! You have enabled him to “live”. His tablet is a tool that keeps him going, but also a link that unites us. Coach Scarlett “is there every day, reassuring him a little more every day. A Game Won = A Day Fulfilled. THANK YOU!!!

Group activities

I save an enormous amount of time with the Scarlett program! There’s no need for preparation, the games are very complete and ready to use. Our residents really enjoy them, and the tablet format means that the caregivers can take over the activities at weekends. I can use it for group or individual activities.

Memory Care 

Mom was accompanied by a Memory Care Center, an Alzheimer’s specialist team, who had started practicing Scarlett’s memory games with her. She really enjoyed it, and we continued after the sessions. A caregiver comes to stimulate and play with her 3 times a week, which does her a lot of good. Thanks to the whole team.

Speech therapist

I use the Scarlett program a lot with my Alzheimer’s patients. The games are highly adapted, and I can target cognitive functions such as language or attention. The tablet has replaced my exercise kit! They can also practice on their own between sessions.


Can I try it before subscribing?
Of course! You can try the app for free for a week. You just have to download the Scarlett app on your smartphone or tablet, on both Android and Apple devices.

After a week, the app is automatically blocked and will offer you to subscribe.

Can we play offline?
Of course, you can play with all the Scarlett games without Internet.

You only need Internet to update the app and discover new games and features!

Are you there if I need any help?
Always! Our customer service is here to help you. You can send us an email at, and if you need technical assistance you can schedule a meeting with us and we will call you!
Is my personal data safe?
Yes, it is very important to us. We keep everything very safe. Your data remains with us and is only used internally. You can read here our Terms of Use. We use, anonymously, game scores for each game to adapt their levels of difficulty and create stimulating games.
How many profiles can I create?
If you have 2 or more people want to use the games, you can create up to 3 profiles but you can also use this opportunity to discover our 2-player games!

If you want to create more profiles, fill out this request form to know more about our offers for professional use such as institutions, for an unlimited amount of profile creation.

Are the games adapted for seniors with cognitive disorders or suffering from Alzheimer's disease?
Yes of course! The Scarlett program is especially adapted for seniors who need special care. We follow everyday people suffering from cognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia and autism.

Each game has 3 levels of difficulty, and the first level is really easy. Moreover, our team is always here to help with adapting your training as much as possible!

Your game week starts now!

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