Scarlett, brain games for seniors


The first brain games for seniors ‘s program : cultural and recreational brain games for adults, suited to seniors who want to train their memory with adapted exercises.


While using the exercises, seniors have no time pressure and no feeling of failure. The key is that seniors are free to play at their own pace, performing exercises that make them happy, while promoting maintenance of their cognitive abilities.





Neuropsychologists and seniors helped to design SCARLETT, our brain games for seniors’ app. This application is a collection of games that adults have found most enjoyable, improving the likelihood of frequent use and longevity of the program. Using the optional monitoring platform, you can observe the seniors’ progress over time and detect cognitive weaknesses earlier.


Today, not only is the program already widely used in health care facilities  (more details), and adult day care, but it is also used at home by elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders.



Several versions are already available



Different types of brain games for seniors 


Our Scarlett memory games app has been designed so that it may be used by people with limited cognitive impairment as well as people with Alzheimer’s disease, from moderate to severe stages. Each game has three difficulty levels (easy, medium and difficult). The user can very easily select the level, ensuring a fun and stimulating experience.



The different types of brain games for adults include the following:

Simple brain games to help adults work on speech, reflexes and long term memory.


Focus on some games:

Brain Storm

Seniors must put in order pieces of sentences to reconstitute proverbs.


This is the favorite game for adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia from moderate to severe stages, according to a study conducted in 100 institutions.

Hunting Intruders

You have to find the intruder from a list of four words.



More complex brain games for adults that involve the working memory, problem solving, attentiveness and other advanced functions



Puzzle Plus

An image is revealed as the user answers a question correctly. The ultimate goal is to find the name of the image represented.


A game where user must memorize a sequence of colors to reproduce it. The number of elements increases progressively.

Crazy waterfall

Adults recognize and identify differences in this favorite memory game, suitable for all adults, regardless of any cognitive disorder.



Other memory games are more cultural and challenge attention control, focus, long term memory and problem solving!



A text a day

Quizzle USA, Canada, and UK


A Card a Date




Some of our brain games for seniors have a two-player mode, so you the user can play against others, such as children or grandchildren.



Hunting Intruders

Boucing Ball




The strengths of this brain training

Seniors feel empowered because they are using a tablet just like their grandchildren

A complete program in terms of brain training, updated monthly

The monitoring platform enables remote tracking of user performance and seniors’ self-assessment of their well-being and satisfaction with the application

The program is under clinical validation 

Ergonomics is simplified and adapted to the difficulties of age

Memory Games for adults run without Wi-fi

The application offers multiplayer games



Download and test our brain games for seniors app  

We invite you to try our Scarlett Alzheimer app for free on your iPad or Android tablet.

Brain games for adults Mind games for adults Memory games for adults Seniors Memory games Alzheimer apps
Brain games for adults Mind games for adults Memory games for adults Seniors Memory games Alzheimer apps



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