There are approximately 44 million people in the world suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and more than 10 million new cases are reported each year.

If there is no drug treatment that can cure it just yet, it is nevertheless possible to identify and delay the evolution of the disease by 10 years.
This is made possible by early diagnosis through a series of digital tests and personalized follow-up.

Apple Female Founder Entrepreneur Camp iOS devices Justine et Dominique Sauquet

Justine and Dominique Sauquet, mother and daughter, were interested in the tests and exercises proposed in retirement homes and came up with the idea of creating fun applications which could possibly detect the first symptoms of the disease and even fight them.

Moreover, as a volunteer, Justine spent a lot of time in retirement homes accompanying seniors in their hobbies and brain training every day. What she realized was that all the games at their disposal were old and not very engaging, or to say the least not fun at all!

It is from these observations that the brain training programs Scarlett, Clint and Coco originated. Their greatest assets are the cultural games adapted to all and for therapeutic purposes.

We are proud to be there for our users and their families.

DYNSEO and the Apple Female Founder Entrepreneur Camp

First and foremost, behind the creation and launch of DYNSEO is a mother-daughter who used their complementary skills to build brain training apps on tablets and smartphones for all.Justine Monsaingeon, daughter and CEO, Justine worked in project management,...

Survey: the use of digital technology among SLPs

A survey on the use of digital technologies among speech and language therapists (SLP's)   DYNSEO conducted a survey of speech therapists to understand their needs for cognitive stimulation tools. A big thanks to the speech and language therapists who responded...

Top exercises to link daily life and brain training

Easy and adapted activities to stimulate your brain You really want to link your daily life with your brain training, but you do not know how to? Here are some simple exercises that should be able to help you.   Practice handwriting Our first advice is a really...

Colisée Residence in Vaxy’s exclusive interview

Last June, the summer edition of the great general culture competition Top Culture took place. Top Culture is the time to federate its teams around a daily meeting. Each day, 32 general knowledge questions must be answered collectively on a tablet: 16 easy and 16 more...

Discovery of the website, activities and tools related to speech and language

Interview with Jeff, the founder of, activities and tools for speech and language disorders.     Who are you and what do you do? My name is Jeff and I am the founder of Speechies. I am a fully-qualified Speech and Language Therapist who is a...

Working as a personal carer: Sarah shares her passion

Sarah has been a personal carer for a few years. She reveals the characteristics of her activities and how her passion for this job was born. Some activities are confusing; what is the difference between a family caregiver, a nursing auxiliary and a personal carer? A...

Learning through play: the benefits of educational games

It is well known that play is an important and very useful development tool for children. New studying methods with modern tools such as computers, smartphones and tablets also provide the opportunity for very young children to learn. Various educational games are now...

Cultural Olympics by Dynseo

Olympics between nursing homes: starting January 29th! Winter Olympics arrives !  From January 29 to February 9, 2018, join the Winter Olympics of Nursing Homes! In July, more than 230 nursing homes competed in this worldwide competition! Several institutions will...

New brain teaser game: Granny cook!

Our new brain teaser game Stim’Art has arrived : Granny Cook   We are happy to inform you that a new brain teaser game is available in the Scarlett’s program. By playing Granny Cook, you will discover with pleasure the typical recipes you’ve made all your life....

New brain teaser game : ColorForm

Our new brain teaser game Stim'Art has arrived : ColorForm We are happy to inform you that a new brain teaser game is available in the Scarlett program. By playing Colorform, you’ll be training your memory, and especially your attention and executive functions....

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