BeBuzz : Fun games on TV!

Yours residents are fans of « Going for Gold » or “Who want to be a millionaire?”.
With BeBuzz, turn your home into a TV set! Senior can play together and watch their performance on a big screen.

Up to 10 players can complete at the same time!


BeBuzz in a nutshell

BeBuzz is a set of fun games for your residences: quizzes of general culture, test blinds musical, but also a game of pong and a game of intruders.

Why on television? Because with the technology we developed at DYNSEO, up to 10 players can play at the same time, and so compete against each other!


A adapted cultural content


What are the benefits?

Animation done in 5 minutes!

The craze and social link!

Active and happy resident!



How does it work?

You receive a complet BeBuzz Box with material, games and buzzers.

BeBuzz works without Wi-Fi

New Games will be added !