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Supporting children with autism

Discover COCO, a memory coach on tablet and smartphone for children. Designed by Dynseo that helps you train your memory at your own pace. Coco helps you stimulate the cognitive functions that are involved in the development of the child.   Dynseo and its team...

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Supporting DYS children with Coco

Our educational and pedagogical game program Coco is already used by children with autism, Down's syndrome, DYS disorders and cognitive disabilities. The application is used in ULIS, IME, SESSAD and ITEP classes, but also in elementary school classes. The objective is...

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Life after a stroke

Strokes can happen suddenly even though you are perfectly healthy. Nevertheless, it is important to quickly take care of the person who has just suffered a stroke. This will ensure that the person has as fewer after-effects as possible! Ready to find out more? Let's...

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