Our new brain teaser game Stim’Art has arrived : Granny Cook


We are happy to inform you that a new brain teaser game is available in the Scarlett’s program. By playing Granny Cook, you will discover with pleasure the typical recipes you’ve made all your life.

Meanwhile you’ll also be training your memory, and especially your attention, working memory, and your executive functions.

Discover now Granny Cook by downloading the new update!

3 levels 

Each game always has 3 levels of difficulty : Easy, Medium, and Difficult.

The idea is never to put the player in default.

In the easy levels you just have to remember the ingredients, and in the difficult one, the quantities…. For a brownie it can be quite difficult!

An adapted cultural content

For the Scarlett program, we have adapted culturally all the content, and you’ll find American recipes in this game : coleslaw, onion rings, club sandwich, southern fried chicken, mac and cheese, meat loaf, brownie, carrot cake, or chocolate-chip cookies.

It’s more pleasant to play with activities you like!

Find the ingredients that compose the recipe

Update your app to play to Granny Cook

You would like to play to our brain teaser Granny Cook ? It is easy peasy!

–        You will need an internet connection and to launch the app

–        Inside the app, click on the arrow icon : 

–        Then, click on “update”

You will then be able to discover and play to Granny Cook.

Download and test our Scarlett app

You can test for free our Scarlett app on your ipad, or on your Android tablet.

Scarlett is adapted for seniors suffering from cognitive disorders (Alzheimer, Stroke, Parkinson, …).


You haven’t got a tablet ?

For a few years now we have accompanied thousands of seniors in the appropriation of the tablet. They find it very easy to play with our brain teaser games.

To know more about our Scarlett Program, adapted for seniors suffering from cognitive disorders (Alzheimer, Stroke, Parkinson, …), click on the link below :


Granny Cook will be very soon added to the Clint’s brain training program.

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