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Auditory gnosis and auditory memory


Auditory gnosis is the ability to perceive and understand oral language, it is a decoder that allows us to understand the person who speaks to us.

On the contrary, auditory agnosia is a disorder that causes a lack of understanding of oral language and sounds in the environment. The subject cannot decode the sounds they hear, yet they ear is not damaged.

This type of disorder is usually caused by a lesion in the temporal lobe.


Three types of auditory agnosia

Depending on the symptoms, there are three types of auditory agnosia.

Auditory agnosia is an inability to identify sounds in the environment, one always hears the same sound or confuses sounds with each other. However, auditory agnosia does not affect speech comprehension.

Verbal deafness or verbal agnosia affects the ability to recognize words, but one can perfectly identify sounds in the environment.

Phonagnosia no longer allows the subject to identify the voices of his or her relatives or well-known personalities.

It is also possible that the subject faces problems of expression, sometimes he can no longer decode his own words.

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