Ball On The Move

50.00 $

Ball On The Move is a playful educational application designed for Android tablets, promoting the development of motor skills. Using the tablet as a balancing support, users can perform a variety of exciting exercises, such as passing circles, moving the ball towards the center, circle tracking, line tracking, up-current and wind resistance. This application offers complete customization, allowing you to modify the size and speed of the ball to adapt each exercise to your needs. Discover an entertaining way to improve your motor skills with Ball On The Move on your Android tablet.


Ball On The Move is our tablet-based motor skills application. The tablet is used as a balance support to move the ball to the center of the tablet. Several exercises are proposed:

Passing circles
Ball in center
Circle tracking
Line tracking
Going upstream
Wind resistance
Many elements can be varied, such as ball size and speed. This makes each exercise parameterizable and customizable.

Please note that this application is only available on Android tablets.