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Clint coach

Supporting adults with ADHD involves a thorough understanding of the condition, efforts to manage symptoms, and solid social support. By combining these elements, adults with ADHD can not only overcome the challenges associated with their condition, but also harness their unique strengths to lead fulfilling lives.

It is essential to recognize that ADHD does not define a person, but is simply a part of their identity. With the right support, adults with ADHD can reach their full potential and thrive in their personal and professional lives.



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Difficulty concentrating

Quick transition from one activity to another

Forgetting objects or tasks to complete



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Cut off others when they are talking 

Difficulty inhibiting actions or thoughts

Lack of patience



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Continuous movements

Difficulty sitting still

Lack of organization

perce ballons jeux logiciel educatif maternelle
Clint your brain coach

CLINT, the app for persons with ADHD 

CLINT is a cognitive training program with more than 30 games to work on all cognitive functions. The app is designed to support adults with difficulties, such as adults with ADHD. The goal is to create a personalized, fun and dynamic training program.

In the CLINT app it is possible to select the cognitive functions you want to work on and you can also track your progress over time.

To allow for customization, Dynseo provides technical sheets to find the most suitable games according to the needs and skills of the person. On the sheets you can find the rules of the game, the modes available and the cognitive functions stimulated.

Today, adults with ADHD often have medical treatments. With CLINT YOUR BRAIN COACH, Dynseo offers a non-medical alternative to help and support adults with ADHD.


                        Adaptation of CLINT games to the needs of ADHD



Games adapted for inattention

In adult ADHD, inattention often manifests as difficulty focusing on tasks, staying organized, and keeping track of details. These difficulties can interfere with work, personal relationships, and day-to-day responsibilities, sometimes leading to feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction.


Games adapted for hyperactivity

Hyperactivity in adult ADHD is characterized by a high level of physical activity and difficulty sitting or standing still for long periods of time. These manifestations can lead to challenges in various settings, such as work, social interactions, and daily life, thus affecting the individuals overall quality of life.


Games adapted for impulsivity

In adult ADHD, impulsivity results in quick and often thoughtless actions, such as interrupting others, making hasty decisions, or acting without considering the consequences. This impulsivity can lead to difficulties in interpersonal and professional relationships.


BONUS: a personalized training program

Personalized training programs are available to support you in your rehabilitation, including practical tips and explanations on the importance of the games in the Clint app. Following a personalized training program in adult ADHD can help improve concentration, reduce impulsivity, and regulate emotions through techniques tailored to each individual.

I want to receive the complete guide to support adults with ADHD with the CLINT app

ADHD in adults EN Clint coach



cartes endiablées

Furious Cards

les fous volants

Flying Balloons


Crazy Waterfall



Inattention is one of the pillars of Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). People with ADHD often find it hard to concentrate on long or boring tasks, which can make them easily distracted. They have trouble keeping their attention on activities requiring sustained concentration. Inattention can also manifest itself as frequent forgetfulness of important details, careless errors at work or difficulty following instructions.

Furious Cards

In this game, the player must memorize the order of the cards and reproduce it.

The activity trains attention, as the player has to look carefully at the cards to remember the correct order.

In the difficult level, there are also cards added after the presentation of the model to be memorized (there are therefore intruders that the person must not use). You can ask the person to look at the images and, when the time comes to find the right order, ask them to say the right order of the images without looking at the screen. This makes it possible to work on associations, moving from a visual stimulus to an auditory response.


Flying Balloons

In this game, the player has to count the balloons on the screen according to the color of the model.

This game helps you develop sustained attention, as you have to stay focused throughout the game. The person must not be distracted by balloons of the wrong color and must keep the current count in mind. In the difficult level, you have to count the balloons of two different colors, using the double spot.


Crazy Waterfall

In this game, the player has to find the differences between the two proposed models.

This activity focuses on visual analysis, with the user concentrating on the shapes and jerking their eyes from one model to another.

Here we also work on response time, as there is a time limit for the activity. The aim is not just to go fast, otherwise you’ll stimulate impulsivity, but to work on activating and inhibiting the response.

crazy waterfall-recognition-reflex-clint-games-cognition-braintraining-tablet-stimulation-brain-adults-seniors





invasion des taupes

Moles Invasion

effet boule de neige

Snowball effect


Impulsivity is one of the hallmarks of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults. People with ADHD may have difficulty regulating their immediate reactions to stimuli and impulses. This translates into impulsive decisions, hasty actions, and impulsive behaviors that can sometimes lead to undesirable consequences in everyday life. Adults with ADHD may have difficulty thinking before they act, planning for the long term, and controlling their emotions.



In this game, the player has to draw lines to reduce the enclosures.

Here, you have to wait for the right moment to draw the line without touching the sheep. The person must also have good anticipation skills to foresee the sheep’s movements and therefore know when and where to act.

This activity also allows you to work on planning, because you have to plan your movements to reach the goal.


Moles invasion

In this game, the player must click on the moles that appear on the screen.

This game helps you work on inhibition, as there are three types of mole: normal moles to click once, moles with helmets to click twice and moles with glasses not to click. In addition to inhibition, we also work on the ability to adapt the response to the current stimulus.

Depending on the level of difficulty, you can choose the types of moles present in the game.


Snowball effect

In this game, the player must click on an arrow to reach all the arrows present. Clicking on an arrow creates a snowball that moves in the direction of the arrow and changes direction each time it encounters a new arrow.

This game allows you to work on planning. The player has to imagine the path taken by the ball and find the right arrow.




serpent gourmand

The Greedy Snake

boîte à formes

Shape Box

Perce ballons

Pop Balloon


Hyperactivity is one of the main symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), although it may manifest itself differently in adults than in children.

In adults with ADHD, hyperactivity often translates into an inner sense of constant agitation, difficulty sitting still, and motor impulsivity.

The greedy Snake

In this game, you have to eat as much fruit as possible.

This game is a great way to work on spatial organization, since it requires players to find the fastest route to reach their goal. What’s more, we’re working on divided attention because we have to watch out for the snake and the fruit. You have to be careful not to make impulsive movements to avoid having your own tail eaten by the snake.



Shape Box

In this game, you have to find the shape or color according to the model.

Shapes move across the screen, and the red button must be pressed when the shape passes through the central area. This game therefore trains response time and alternating attention.

In the “color and shape” mode, sometimes you have to find the right shape and sometimes the right color. This allows us to work on adapting to demand, and to avoid remaining focused on a single task.


Pop Balloon

In this game, you have to pop the balloons of the right color.

This game teaches attention and expectation. The person can try to pop several balloons at once, without touching balloons of other colors. In this way, she works on anticipation and visual skills.




A tailormade training program for adults with ADHD, combining concentration and stimulus management exercises, thus working on executive functions for better daily performance and improved quality of life.


A Card A Date

danse avec Coco




A personalized cognitive training program represents an innovative approach for adults with ADHD, offering a solution specifically tailored to their needs. By combining a variety of exercises focused on concentration, stimulus management, and executive function, this program aims to strengthen essential cognitive abilities that are often deficient in people with ADHD. By providing tailormade activities, it allows the development of adaptation and regulation strategies, thus promoting better symptom management and an improvement in quality of life on a daily basis. By providing practical tools and organizational techniques, this program helps adults with ADHD develop greater independence and maximize their potential in their various daily activities.

Clint accompanies you in your training with a specific program over 4 weeks. Every week you will find sessions and rest days, with games to do. Just 15 minutes of activity is enough to improve!

In addition, to support you in the best possible way, the program offers advice on how to adapt the exercise, make it more fun or share it with your loved ones.

Attention training program Clint

At the end of each program, you will find pages explaining the importance of each game offered. You will discover the definition of cognitive function as well as its different components.

Clint offers practical advice to improve your cognitive functions (attention, memory, language, etc.) according to your needs. Youll also find suggestions for adapting the games.

Attention training program

In the program you will find the most suitable games to stimulate a specific cognitive function. Here are some examples of games:


A Card A Date

In this game, the person has to put the events in order.

This game helps build the ability to plan time, a skill that is often deficient in people with ADHD. This game helps improve the ability to organize thoughts sequentially and structure ones schedule more effectively.

A card A Date Clint brain game


In this game, the person has to find the pair of images.

This game stimulates concentration and focus, encouraging players to carefully examine each image for matches. This activity can help build the ability to maintain attention on a specific task, which is often difficult for people with ADHD. In addition, searching for pairs of images promotes the development of visual memory and the ability to process visual information quickly, skills that can be strengthened by regular gaming practice.

Simili game

Congested Parking

In this game, the person has to move cars to free the yellow car.

This stimulates attention and problemsolving, encouraging players to analyze different car configurations and plan strategic moves to free up the necessary space. This activity can help build logical thinking skills and quick decisionmaking, skills that may be deficient in people with ADHD. Additionally, moving cars requires fine coordination and attention to detail, which can help improve motor skills and spatial awareness.



clint presentation tablet english coach brain games

Your CLINT brain coach offers you more than 30 cognitive games and personalized advice for adults suffering from ADHD from your smartphone, installed on your sofa. You will also have the possibility to make an appointment with a memory coach for an online session.



Your CLINT brain coach also provides you with training programs to use the application according to your needs.
There are 5 programs to train memory, attention, language, planning and perception. You will find games to play to improve a cognitive function and practical tips and strategies.

Here are the technical sheets of the games presented, with the cognitive functions stimulated by game

TDAH - Joe
noahs ark technical sheet parkinsons scarlett app rehabilitation fine motor skills cognitive function.png

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