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prix de l'entrepreneuse   with the help of     prix de l'entrepreneuse 2



Dynseo society, with less than one year of existence, won the Entrepreneur Award in the Product / Service section with special mention for Growth.

The  Entrepreneur Award’s founding president Nora Esnault. She wanted to highlight female talent: “I imagined the  Entrepreneur Award as an essential way to boost the development of economic activity by women, who as we know deserve to be more encouraged! This event was created in March 2008 and the first delivery of Award was held March 8, 2009. This award can federate many actors and media to encourage women to be more visible in their business and assert their expertise! “.


This award is supported by “Sponsor growth” created by Denis Jacquet in 2009. The goal is to help French SMEs to seek growth and internationalization to become a leader in their market. Sponsor Growth now want to show by very visible actions how growing companies can also change, collect, restore consistency to society.


The various awards that evening were:


– The price of the entrepreneur category Product / Service


– The price of the entrepreneur category Product / Service, International section


– The price of the entrepreneur category Product / Service statement Growth (Dynseo)


– The price of future entrepreneur


A big thank you to the team Dynseo for sharing this moment with me: