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Difficulties related to the age or symptoms of Alzheimer ‘s disease? Jeannette helps you to make a difference.

Many people are afraid of having Alzheimer’s disease at an early memory loss, all light , while they are only related to age ! Do not be alarmed , and Jeannette is here to accompany you and with you detect the difference between daily difficulties related to age and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Indeed, with age from 65 years, it is common to have a lower attention, slower reaction times, or difficulties in remembering names, but this is natural and normal, and concerns all seniors. These are usually small oversights or details that are not too damaging in everyday life. To give you examples, here are some of the difficulties you may experience :

  • search for words or word is a difficulty with age, while forgetting the name of her children and grandchildren or forget the words of everyday life , are more serious,
  • forget where his keys are a problem is age-related , while placing them in the refrigerator or an unlikely place is more serious,
  • forget the details of a conversation you’ve had recently is a difficulty with age, while forgetting that the whole conversation took place is more serious,
  • be wrong route is a difficulty linked to age , while no longer get to find the way home we live for years is more serious,
  • forget an appointment we had is a difficulty age-related , while not wanting to go out or do usual activities are more severe.

Thus, without warning, if you do feel that small difficulties of daily life, do not worry, continue your social activities , eat well, move well , sleep well, but also train your memory and cognitive functions. This can be done in a fun way through Clint Stim’Art program on tablet.


10 signs of Alzheimer’s disease

In contrast, here is a list of 10 difficulties you may experience and unfortunately the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Significant loss of memory
  • Frequent behavioral disorders
  • The change in personality and mood
  • The loss of orientation in space and in time
  • The difficulty in achieving the actions of everyday life
  • The difficulty expressing themselves, like stopping in the middle of a conversation, and not knowing how to continue, not knowing the name of objects of daily life, a watch will become a portable clock,
  • Loose frequently things and find them in unlikely places
  • The renunciation of all social activities
  • The judgment lessened
  • Difficulty in solving problems

Be aware that only cognitive tests by health professionals and medical tests will validate the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Do not try to make your diagnostic by your own.


If you are affected by any of these symptoms , you should make an appointment as soon as possible with your doctor or in a Memory Consultation , because the sooner you are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease , the best solutions will allow you to maintain as long as possible your cognitive abilities and preserve your independence as much as possible .


For example, the Scarlett program Stim’Art Tablet will allow you to continue to stimulate your cognitive functions, while being suitable for people with Alzheimer’s disease . Other solutions and human and material aid will be offered to accompany you .