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And you, your future care home, how do you see it ?

Each week, discover the vision of one of our followers. Today it’s William’s turn to tell us his vision of his future care home.

“My futur care home? For me it would be on Mars. There would be shuttles to go there for short exhilarating stays, where I would be totally out of reach !

I would book my stay for Mars on my tablet in just a few clicks, choosing from the various options: active retirement, relaxing retirement or invigorating retreat. After booking my stay, on D day, a mini shuttle would pick me up from my house. The mini-shuttle would be driven by a robot, which would be very polite, and would drop me in front of my place, I would just have to settle down comfortably. A hostess would ask us to fasten our seat belt and we will be leaving quickly skyward.

A few hours later, we would have arrived on Mars. A steward would come to pick us up in his little golf cart, and would leave us alone in our private room, in the shape of a large white glass capsule. A very soft mattress would be in the center of the capsule. I would install myself comfortably, the capsule would close and would plunge me into a deep sleep. The retreat could then begin.

Then would follow two weeks of regeneration, where all the cells of my body would rest and relax. After two incredible weeks of deep sleep, my whole body would feel much better, my health problems would be solved, and I would go back fresh as a rock! That’s my vision of the future care home: regenerating capsules on Mars! ”

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We love to hear and read about how you see you future care home! Who will be next? Maybe you, who knows.