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What is spirulina?

Containing protein, vitamins, minerals as well as an important quantity of trace elements and essential fatty acids, spirulina has several benefits for human health. In addition to its healing properties, spirulina is also a first choice anti-aging ally due to its antioxidant properties. Consumed or used externally, spirulina helps preserve the shine of hair after 50 years. The physical appearance, in addition to the balance of the body and mind, is essential to allow seniors to experience a real well-being.


Components of spirulina acting on the hair

Spirulina contains between 60 and 70% protein. These substances influence the synthesis of keratin and thus contribute to accelerate the growth of hair and to give it volume. The high content of zinc and magnesium reduces dandruff and delays the appearance of white hair. These minerals give spirulina its antioxidant properties. These substances inhibit the free radicals responsible for the aging of hair cells.

The micro-algae is also composed of vitamin B5 and biotin (vitamin B8) which are essential to fight against hair loss. Vitamin B12, vitamin A, beta-carotene and sodium are also components that act to restore shine, to nourish and strengthen hair.


Using spirulina to have beautiful hair after 50 years old

Spirulina is available for sale in powder, capsule, tablet or liquid form, to be consumed as a supplement to the daily diet. The algae is also available in flakes, twigs or micro-needles, in its artisanal version. In addition, some specialized shops have started to prepare derived foods such as pasta.

It is highly recommended to combine the regular consumption of spirulina with the external use of spirulina for hair in order to fully benefit from all the advantages of this miraculous algae. To do this, add spirulina powder to hair care products such as shampoos, masks, etc., or prepare yourself a beauty hair mask based on spirulina, coconut milk and castor oil to be left on wet hair for 2 hours, just after shampooing.


What do if you start losing your hair?

There are several methods more or less effective, such as brewer’s yeast, fish, soy. But why not opt for a long-term solution and do a hair transplant?

It is important to know that hair transplantation is becoming more and more popular. Indeed, there is no shame in it, it is a cosmetic operation like any other! Antonio Conte has also done a hair transplant and the results are incredible. Watch out antonio conte hair transplant

It should be noted that hair transplantation is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to call upon a dermatologist specializing in hair transplants or a plastic surgeon.

It is true that a permanent hair transplant is an expensive procedure, but do you have a real idea of how much does a hair transplant cost in the UK? HairPalace, offers you to learn more about this type of treatment.