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Every child is different. While some children show an early interest in reading, others need to have their mouths watered. Fortunately, there are good ways to get them to love reading. Find out!



Introduce your children to reading at an early age


Children learn valuable skills as they develop. You can introduce every child to reading at an early age, even if he or she cannot yet read and write. Give your child a taste for reading by reading stories or lullabies. A baby is able to respond to sounds by the age of 6 months. In fact, this is when his hearing aid becomes functional. He can listen to what you read aloud to him. For older children who are able to read and write, you can whet their appetite by buying new books. You can start with small, easy-to-read booklets. Don’t hesitate to let them choose a book or pamphlet from the array of children’s stories available in bookstores.

On the other hand, it is often said: “Like father, like son”. So, be a lover of reading yourself in order to pass on the love of reading to your child. Children like to copy their parents. If you show interest in books and reading, your child will certainly be interested. Every child tends to be attracted to what his or her father or mother does.



Music to encourage reading


Music softens the mood, doesn’t it? On the other hand, playing music helps improve a child’s academic performance. How can it encourage your toddler to read? The toddler can learn sounds, poems or rhymes in this discipline. Song books can help him/her to become familiar with reading. In addition, you can take the opportunity to teach him or her spelling, for example. For children who are learning music, you can buy books that tell the story of great musicians or their idols. The more the children read, the more they will be interested in the books.



How do you get them into good habits?


Reading is one of those things that toddlers need to be taught early on. However, parents must be patient and give them time to emerge smoothly. Good habits are needed to get them there quickly and well. Schedule reading time with your children. Choose times when they are not tired. These reading sessions should not seem like chores. They should be fun. Do this so that the child is actively listening. These moments of reading can become very interesting if you gather for example to put in scene the stories contained in the books. Reading is also evolving with new technologies. You can offer them the Coco application where you will find poems, short readings, music, and lots of other games to discover!