Jeannette tested for you : technologies for ageing better

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How Technology And Digitalism Make Us Age Better And Improve Our Lives

The world of technology is continuously shifting – to a better, more innovative and integrated way of making our lives easier. Progressively with this change, we age – and although we are not aware of it, the way that our generation has embraced technology will stand as one of the biggest (r)evolutions of mankind.


The (Missing) Link Between Technology And People


However, the world of technology and the digital sphere cannot take pride in satisfying everyone’s interests. Obviously, the older group of people starting from 60 years and older is resistant to this change, and as much as we like or don’t like to blame them – in reality, the digital way as it is made this possible.

So, can we bring a better tomorrow and actually help the older generations to live better, feel better and communicate with technology in the way we do?


Yes we can! But how?

The answer is – smartphones and computers are for everyone. Although nearly 55 percent of the baby boomers (people born from ’46 to ’64) generation is proud to have a smartphone, the digital reality for the older seniors is not present.


How Can Technology Save And Improve The Lives Of Seniors

At this point, we can all agree that the digital world and the advanced technology have one aim – to make our lives easier – under the problem-solving prism. So, from the older generations’ point of view, how can it make their lives easier?

The main problem the older generations face, in fact a variety of problems sum up to health – more precisely, these three biggest health problems:

  • Balance
  • Hearing
  • Vision Loss

This being said, the mobile revolution along with the development of tablets and ipad are now shifting to a better tomorrow – a time when apps are going to act as the best smart solutions to tackle this problems – but most importantly, prevent them from occurring in the first place.

For example, the memory games for seniors Dynseo has developed on tablet help the seniors train their memory and prevent cognitive disorders while having fun, with a technology simple and adapted. That’s the future for seniors !


The Big Picture

The technology assisting seniors can be best explained as a new way of treatment, however with a great difference – it won’t add up with pain and depression, but prevent it from the very start. The ease of access to existing services, apps and platforms are all the basics of the ‘older gen revolution’ – a process that will stimulate the way technology is created and once again prove that the digital reality we are living on can be adopted by everyone.

So the new technology and the tablet for seniors, approved by Jaja ?


Jeannette tested for you : technologies for ageing better-clint-scarlett-dynseo-games-for-elderly-brain-game-games-activities-for-seniors-cognitive-games-activities-senior-old-people-tablet- activities-dementia-stimulation-training-adults-alz-alzheimer

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