My Codi: Communication and Autonomy

50.00 $150.00 $

My Codi is a communication and autonomy tool for people with special needs.

It gathers communication with the Dictionary part, well-being with the Emotions window, and autonomy with the Routines one.

Available for IOS devices. Soon on Android.

My Codi is our communication and autonomy tool available on IOS devices.

My Codi has been developed to be the communication and autonomy assistant for people with special needs, such as non-verbal people, Autistic ones, etc...

On My Codi, you will have different features such as the Dictionary to help the user to communicate and tell its will;

The Emotions window where you can play some relaxing activities such light therapy;

The Routines part, where the user have access to different routines of daily life's moments such as "To go to bed".

Available for IOS devices but will be soon on Android ones.

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