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Does someone close to you have Parkinson’s disease? You don’t know how to help him/her? Don’t panic, a speech therapist could certainly be the right person for you.

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Rehabilitation of swallowing disorders with a speech therapist

In people with Parkinson’s disease, it is perfectly possible to note that they can have many swallowing disorders. Nevertheless, these are still few to be taken care of. And it is necessary to take into account that there are about 60 to 80% of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease who have this kind of disorder. It is therefore sometimes possible to call upon a speech therapist to help them.

Moreover, when a person suffering from Parkinson’s disease sees a speech therapist for this type of disorder, it is important to know that, first of all, an assessment will be made to know precisely what swallowing disorders the person may have.

Also, it is important to know that certain techniques allow people with Parkinson’s to swallow better: thickening liquids or blending foods that are difficult to chew, for example. Whatever the case, the speech therapist will be there to help patients with this disease.


Eliminating speech disorders with a speech therapist

Sometimes Parkinson’s patients have some speech problems. This is not a harmless disorder, on the contrary, but the person in question must still be helped. Why is this so? Simply because the person has the impression that he or she is speaking at a normal level of noise, when in fact the level is much lower. In other words, the person concerned may have difficulty being understood. This is also something that the speech therapist can do with the person in question. There is a perfect method for this: singing!


Singing to retrain your voice

As you saw in the previous section, singing can really help people who have Parkinson’s. Why? Simply because it can help to re-educate their voice. It is also important to note that singing allows you to work on all the parameters of the voice, such as modulation, intonation, articulation or even the flow of the words, for example. Thus, by calling upon a speech therapist, the person suffering from Parkinson’s disease will be able to re-educate his or her voice and thus be able to speak again.


Scarlett: a practical tool


The Scarlett app is useful for practicing singing with the Musical Ear game. In this way, the person not only rehabilitates his voice but also works on his memory while having fun!


In order to help a loved one with Parkinson’s disease, you can hire a speech therapist. This doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. The speech therapist will be able to help the person with Parkinson’s, which is good news.