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A quiz is a kind of game which purpose is to test knowledge. This is done using a carefully worded questionnaire. This test can be done in a specific field or in a general way. The general knowledge quizzes are concrete examples. Why do these quizzes attract so many people? Where to go to take the best general knowledge quizzes? How to create your own quizzes in no time? Find out the answers and explanations in this short file.


3 reasons to love them

General knowledge quizzes are popular because they allow us to test our knowledge, to learn and to stimulate our memory.


  • The pleasure of testing one’s knowledge of general culture

First, it must be said, that testing your knowledge offers an insight into what you already know about a given subject. Here, we are talking about general culture, which is a rather vast field since it concerns various subjects. The general knowledge quizzes allow you to know the level of knowledge of the person who takes them. As a result, you will have an understanding of yourself and your environment.

Of course, testing one’s general culture allows one to open up to the world. It is also a way for each individual to adapt to change. The world is not static, but rather evolving. So, in an ever-changing world, you have to be able to keep up. Have fun testing your knowledge by taking general knowledge quizzes now.


  • Fill up on knowledge

General knowledge quizzes allow you to acquire new knowledge. You can learn while having fun. A general knowledge quiz offers the learner the opportunity to answer several sets of questions. Regardless of the outcome, the candidate will learn new things. This is a fun way to improve your knowledge. Quizzes are a learning tool that should not be taken lightly.

General knowledge quizzes will be beneficial if you are preparing for a contest or exam. Thanks to the quizzes, you will store up knowledge to face the tests. The quiz is a good educational activity. It stimulates the learner.


  • It’s good for your memory!

There are many ways to improve or boost memory. We can do exercises. There are games to stimulate the brain or memory. General knowledge quizzes can help stimulate your memory. With proper care, the brain is able to retain a wide range of information without any extra effort on your part. This way you can work on your memory. Some individuals are able to retain more than others. It’s all a question of method or knowing how to do it. Don’t hesitate to take general knowledge quizzes to work your brain.


Zoom in on examples of general knowledge quizzes

Not all quizzes available on the internet are alike. The test taker will select them according to the level: easy, medium or difficult.


  • General knowledge quizzes for beginners

Who is concerned by the general knowledge quizzes? Let’s say right away that anyone can get involved in this category of quizzes. You don’t need to be at a particular level to take the quizzes. The candidate can start with general knowledge quizzes for beginners.

Start with “easy” general knowledge quizzes. A way to gauge your knowledge before moving on to the next level. You can find several sets of quizzes on online sites. For example, do a search in search engines with the keyword: “general knowledge quiz for beginners”.


  • General knowledge quizzes at the medium level

They are dedicated to people who want to rub higher than the beginners. The middle level offers a selection of several questions. You will become the champion by gathering to answer the list.

However, there are steps you can take to give yourself the best chance. If possible, read all the questions carefully before you start answering. At the intermediate level, you will be able to argue on a variety of topics. But don’t stop there! You can join the “difficult level” if you feel ready.


  • Difficulty level general knowledge quizzes

You have the possibility to test and improve your knowledge from general knowledge “difficult or expert level”. Why not invite some friends to play together? Where to find general knowledge quizzes? You can visit dedicated websites. Indeed, various online sites make available to Internet users several series. Others offer general knowledge video quizzes.


Where to find quizzes?

A whole host of websites offer general knowledge quizzes for everyone. We also have quiz applications. You can even create your own quizzes.


  • Quiz apps

We are in the digital age. We can take advantage of innovative quiz apps to improve our general knowledge. Mobile applications can be used to boost your general culture. Each quiz app has its own particularity. One application may offer more themes than the other. It’s up to each individual to choose the one that fits their situation best. The advantage is that the user will be able to answer questions from anywhere. Don’t hesitate to download a general knowledge quiz app, it always comes in handy!

Discover the CLINT app  

A brain training program with more than 30 stimulating and adapted games, to stimulate one’s memory on a daily basis, or for use following a stroke.

Follow the player’s evolution and progress within the application and customize the training as you go along.

  • A simple interface,
  • 3 levels of difficulty per game,
  • No WiFi required
clint presentation tablet english coach brain games

Among these 30 games, you will find the Quizzle game, a general culture quiz adapted to the culture and knowledge of each person to learn while having fun. More details below!

Try the app for free for 1 week, on all tablets and smartphones, Android and Apple!



In this game, you have to answer 16 general knowledge questions in order to reveal the picture or the painting hidden behind the boxes.

The quiz is composed of questions on different themes (history, sports, cinema…) to please everyone’s interests.

Quizzle is the perfect game to start conversations, learn new things, and stimulate the competitive side of everyone by answering as many questions as possible to win.

  • Create general knowledge quizzes

To do this, you can use interactive content creation software. You don’t need any technical skills to create a general knowledge quiz. A good design software puts everything at your disposal. The creation is possible in a few minutes. Choose a tool that can create an interaction that is accessible to all potential candidates.

memory games for adults


With the CLINT game program, you will find more than 30 games adapted to stimulate your cognitive functions, and share good times.

brain traning program for adults with your brain coach clint

The TOP CULTURE contest,
from the comfort of your home

TOP CULTURE is a general culture contest, offered by DYNSEO twice a year. The next edition will take place from January 23rd to February 3rd 2023.

The concept is simple: for 2 weeks, more than 7000 participants answer 36 general knowledge questions every day and solve 5 hangman’s words.

Top Culture 2 tablet general knowledge quizz contest

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