Stim’Art, the first brain games program adapted for everyone!

A playful and cultural brain training app that stimulates the memory with a web tracking platform that analyzes and monitors performance.

DYNSEO offers a wide range of playful and cultural memory games so you can have fun while staying healthy.

Through cultural exercises (general knowledge quizzes, jigsaw puzzles of famous paintings, literature, quick games, etc.) you train different memory functions: long term and short term memory, attention, focus, visual and spatial memory, implementation of strategies, etc.

All these functions help you challenge yourself and preserve your independence.

Additionally, your statistics are automatically uploaded on a web platform that allows you to analyze and monitor your health.

Clinical Study

A clinical study “Adoption and Use of a Mobile Health Application in Older Adults for Cognitive Stimulation” – Study conducted by Mobin YASINI and Guillaume MARCHAND – on the adoption and use of the Stim’Art cognitive stimulation program for seniors for a duration of 6 months on 15 seniors aged 79 to 88 years has demonstrated the following:

  • A complete adoption by seniors. More than 54 days of playing time per user over the 6-month period.
  • An increasing number of minutes. 38 minutes of daily use per user after six months
  • A difficulty level on the rise. An average of 1.90 games per day and per user after 6 months played in “difficult” level
  • A success rate on the rise. 70.84% of overall success rate after 6 months
  • An evolution of well-being. 14 out of 15 seniors felt better

A MedAppCare Certification

The Clint version of the Stim’Art program is certified MedappCare.

Ag2R la Mondidale (a French insurance company) has decided to create a catalogue of certified and evaluated health applications in order to recommend to its policyholders applications that are efficient, reliable and safe. MedAppCare carried out an evaluation on more than 70 criteria: quality of use, safety, medical quality, protection of personal data…

Train your memory: from children to seniors, at home or with a health professional

Our brain training program Stim’Art can be used by:

  • a private individual at home
  • institutions such as nursing homes, care homes, residential services, day care, home care services, hospitals and clinics.

Nursing Homes

Health professionnals


The benefits of our brain games are :

  • A program praised by the users with clinical validation in progress
  • An intergenerational program
  • A web platform to analyze and keep track of your statistics
  • Games that can run without an Internet connection
  • Several features to play together

Try our brain games apps for free 

Stim’Art Coco

Stim’Art Clint

Stim’Art Scarlett

You can download our apps on any Android tablet or on an iPad, and test them for free!