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The brain is a complex organ. From the womb to adulthood, the brain goes through several stages of growth. From the age of 5 to 8, it is not yet fully developed. Let’s shed some light on brain growth in this age group. How to help your child?


Your child’s brain after 5 years old

A child’s body develops over the course of a day. You can even observe its growth on a curve. This is called a growth curve. The brain also continues to develop after the age of 5. These are certain changes to make each child’s brain more efficient. As your toddler grows, his brain also improves. After 5 years, the child’s hoop size is close to that of an adult. It has grown to 90 or 95%.

By the age of 6, some areas of the child’s brain are almost fully developed. This is the case, for example, for the parts of the brain that manage vision. We are also witnessing the formation of networks of connections between neurons. These are responsible for carrying information from the brain to other parts of the body and back again. In this age group, strategic memory is still being developed. This gives them the ability to remember many things with great accuracy. Between the ages of 7 and 8, the level of development of the brain allows the child to do complex things. For example, the child is able to do calculations or addition. Parents should contribute to their children’s brain development by keeping them away from harmful factors.


Toxic elements for the child’s brain

Not all children grow at the same rate. But some factors can influence brain growth. Stress and dietary deficiencies are among the factors that can influence brain growth. The brain of a five-year-old child needs a lot of energy to function properly. There are foods on the market with the ability to boost the brain. Fruits and vegetables are praised. Think of vegetable oils and whole grains. And don’t forget dairy products, which are rich in vitamins B2 and B12. They also provide protein. Help your child deal with stress and anxiety.


What can you do to help your toddler?

There are a variety of activities that parents can choose from to stimulate children’s brains. Each activity should be adapted to the situation of your son or daughter. You can offer them memory games or role-playing. Nowadays, with the development, you can play with the child via a tablet. We also opt for games that stimulate their intellectual abilities. Puzzles are an interesting game to do this. Read stories regularly. Do question and answer sessions. You ask questions so that the child can answer. The child can also ask you questions.

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