Pass emotions through art

Art therapy is the use of arts for therapeutic purposes. The objective is to focus on emotions, communication, and desires of the elderly.

The aim is to arouse emotions, restore vital energy or maintain the existential quality while considering the physical and cognitive abilities of the person, and also the history, tastes, and emotions of that person.

Art therapy for an elderly person can act on speech disorders, mental disorders, depressive aspects, memory disorders …


Art therapy improves the quality of life of the elderly: the observation of art enhances the emotional and physiological parameters such as blood pressure or pain, wellness or tiredness.
Art therapy is added to the list of natural care.


The emotional checkup is an Art therapy checkup using music and images. It highlights:
– A sensitivity to art or a particular element.
– The artistic elements which generate positive emotions in the elderly.

This information helps the art therapist to offer a personalized follow-up based on the tastes of the person and to adapt the surroundings of its meetings as required and the envy of everyone.


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