DYNSEO Family, the privileged bond between seniors and their families


Today, seniors are often away from their families, sometimes thousands of kilometers, and letters and postcards are getting rarer.

Technology has evolved: new generations spend their time on their emails and their smartphones, but seniors are not used yet to this new revolution! So digital postcards do not reach their destination …

To overcome this, DYNSEO has developed a service platform to promote exchanges between seniors and their families, in a simplified way, whether they are in a care home or at home.



With Dynseo, keep in touch with your whole family!






DYNSEO Family, a simplified email for seniors 

The simplified messaging allows seniors to benefit from a very simple email.

    • Family or the recreational therapist of the care home creates the senior account very simply using information: Name, Date of birth.


    • The family only has to connect via a mobile app or our web page DYNSEO Family, and seek their parents through its information, and send the first message.


    • The emails are protected only by a simple identification “Are you … Ms / Mr …? “


  • The senior can then easily see messages and pictures received, and respond with a simplified keyboard. In a care home, the recreational therapist will receive a notification informing them which residents have received new messages.

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Advantages of Dynseo Family

    • Seniors will easily receive news from their family, through a relevant and accessible tool


    • The nursing home will manage the mails from each of its residents very simply, in a short time.
    • The family, even from long distance, can very quickly send photos and news to their parents. A united family, even from long distance!




An accessible and adapted messaging service



You can easily talk with your close circle via an adapted messaging service.


A simplified keyboard



The Dynseo Family application has a simplified keyboard to facilitate the conversation with the family.


An android app for the family


The family can either use the web platform or the android app to find their parent, and send them messages very easily.






Download it and start sending messages


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