The benefits of yoga and meditation for seniors

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Inactivity is one of the main factors in the various disorders affecting seniors. They, therefore, need regular physical training at a pace adapted to their body conditions. Yoga is the best activity to recover an optimal physical balance and, at the same time, relieve the mind of all negativity through meditation. Senior citizens must have personalized guidance for the practice of yoga to be able to benefit from its various benefits.




The practice of yoga includes the reproduction of a series of specific postures. This physical training aims to allow the body to regain optimal functioning. Yoga exercises include stretching. These types of movements soothe the joint and muscle pain to which seniors are generally prone. In addition to contributing considerably to the treatment of respiratory problems, relaxation techniques improve sleep, regulate blood circulation and thus stabilize blood pressure.

Yoga physical training can be adapted to all physical conditions. Each specialized coach develops the program according to the participants’ abilities. The low to moderate intensity series of exercises are ideal for senior citizens.

You will also find here videos to start yoga with Ariane.




Meditation is also an integral part of yoga practice. Doing the physical postures while meditating ensures a balanced mind in a healthy body. The main goal of meditation is to free the mind from negative thoughts.

Older people need to purify their minds to get rid of all the daily anxieties and stress accumulated over the years. This allows the participant to adopt a more serene way of life and improves his or her relationship with the environment.

Older people often suffer from isolation. Practicing yoga in a group within a specialized club allows seniors to re-establish a strong social bond.


You will find here some exercises you can do to train yourself to meditate.




You can also relax your mind by playing fun games. Playing is very good for the mind! It allows you to leave your worries behind for a while, and train your memory.

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