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Not all people were designed by the same programs. Indeed, there are the shy, the fragile, but there are also people with strong character. In general, being a social worker is a job that consists of helping and supporting people who are sick or who have difficulty doing things in daily life.



  • Have some essential qualities

The job of a social worker requires a lot of know-how and interpersonal skills. In theory, the person who practices this profession must know how to listen to others. The other person will feel confident if they see that you care about their concerns and that you listen to their opinions. Also, you must have a great deal of empathy to share the feelings of the person who needs your help. This is essential to be able to understand the other person. In addition, the social support worker must have a good psychological balance so as not to show emotional reactions that are likely to offend the people involved.


  • Equivalent qualifications

People with degrees in the health and social sector can take validation tests to be admitted. Apart from that, they must put forward all their professional experience. As a result, these people may not be validated if their records and skills are not satisfactory.




  • A home intervention

The social worker guides a person in their social life as well as in their relational life. Indeed, they help the person to cope with life by training them to become independent. To do so, they intervene when the person needs their help and closely monitor them. By being close to the patient, the social worker will be able to detect their strong and weak points and to know the change that the patient desires. In relation to these observations, the social worker will accompany the patient to help them regain self-confidence by letting them do things on their own. And if the disability gains ground, the social worker will act instead.


  • Intervention in nursing homes

Vulnerable people, such as the elderly in nursing homes, need the support of a social worker. The social worker supports people in nursing homes by helping them to find happiness in the few years they have left. They help them to carry out everyday tasks and to relax. The caregiver’s toolbox is a real plus to create a link with the people being cared for and helped.




  • A commitment to comfort

One of the obligations of a social worker is also to assist the person in the accomplishment of daily tasks. As a caregiver, he or she assists the person being helped in everything from getting up to go to bed. The presence of the caregiver will bring a little warmth into the life of the person in difficulty. It therefore plays a very important social role. In fact, it will help sick, disabled or elderly people to move around, to get dressed, to wash, to prepare food … but also to do the housework and shopping, etc… They are also responsible for alerting doctors and emergency services in the event of an alert.