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In this series of “It’s my family story” episodes, we’ll be interviewing SCARLETT users, who will tell us how the SCARLETT program supports their parents or grandparents on a daily basis. We begin this series with a testimonial from Marie, who uses it with her grandmother.

DYNSEO: Hello Marie. Thank you for sharing your story. Marie has an inspiring story to share about how Dynseo’s SCARLETT program transformed her relationship with her grandmother, creating lasting memories. Marie, thank you for being here.

Marie : Hello, I’m delighted to be here to share my experience with Scarlett.



Could you tell us a little more about your relationship with your grandmother before you discovered SCARLETT?

Marie: Of course. My grandmother has always been an incredibly important person in my life. Over the years, however, I began to notice that his memory was starting to fade, making our conversations less dynamic and rich in exchange. It was as if part of our special connection was fading away.

It was a time when I was desperate to reconnect with her in a meaningful way. Before SCARLETT, my visits to my grandmother were often tinged with frustration. We sat side by side, but there seemed to be a gulf between us. His memory was gradually fading, and conversations seemed superficial. I remember trying to tell her about my experiences, my studies, but she sometimes seemed lost, unable to grasp the details. Even when we talked about shared memories, she had trouble remembering the details. Once, I tried to remind her of a beach trip we’d taken when I was a kid. Yet she had forgotten about it, and that really touched me, because it was a moment that had left a deep imprint on me. I felt that the special bond we shared was slowly fading. There were moments of awkward silence, when we didn’t know what to say, and I felt helpless. The growing emotional distance was heartbreaking, as my grandmother was once my role model and confidante.

However, despite these difficulties, I knew deep down that my grandmother was still there, and there had to be some way to rekindle our connection. That’s when I heard about SCARLETT, I was looking for a solution that could help us overcome this barrier, and the memory games for seniors offered by SCARLETT seemed to be a ray of hope. SCARLETT’s discovery was like a ray of hope in a cloudy sky. It gave me a concrete way of creating meaningful interactions with my grandmother, rekindling our conversations and reconnecting with memories that seemed to fade away.

Over time, I realized that these games not only stimulated his memory, they also provided fertile ground for sharing anecdotes, exchanging smiles and laughing together. It was amazing to see how SCARLETT’s games not only brought my grandmother and me closer together, but also gave new life to our relationship. The moments when we laughed as we recalled recipes, historical events or proverbs were precious and deeply gratifying.

All in all, the period before SCARLETT was not an easy one, when we were more distant from each other I’d say. But the discovery of these games changed all that. This created an opportunity for us to reconnect, create memories and see her eyes light up again. It was as if SCARLETT had opened a door to a new way of bonding, and this had a profound impact on my grandmother and me.


It must have been difficult. How did you discover the SCARLETT program and what was your first contact with it?

Marie: I discovered SCARLETT when I was looking for ways to spend more quality time with my grandmother. I was desperate to find something that would bring us closer together while stimulating his memory. That’s when I heard about Dynseo’s memory games for seniors. Intrigued by this approach, I decided to dive in and see how it could work for us.



And how has SCARLETT changed the dynamic of your relationship?

Marie: Well, SCARLETT was more than just a change of dynamic for us, she was a revolution. We started playing general knowledge quiz games, and this instantly rekindled our conversations. Questions about historical events, films, music and even recipes have opened up a new avenue for sharing memories and anecdotes. We laughed as we reminisced about times gone by, and it brought us closer together in a way I’d never imagined.

My grandmother and I really enjoyed playing “A Card, a Date”. It was like taking a trip through time together. One day, we were given historical events and dates, and we had to put them in the right order. My grandmother was really good at it! We laughed as we tried to remember the exact dates, and with each correct answer, we felt a sense of victory. It was amazing to see how these little challenges could jog his memory and allow us to relive moments in history.

There’s also the “Around the World” game, which we love, because she’s much stronger than I am! We had to place the US states on a map. My grandmother remembered the location of many departments, and I was impressed by her knowledge. This allows us to tell the story of how she learned them by heart at school when she was young, and how we don’t learn them nowadays… It really made us laugh to see where certain departments had been placed! It was a fun way to learn and spend time together, and make her proud, to remember.



Can you give us a concrete example of how SCARLETT created a specially meaningful memory for you and your grandmother?


Marie: Absolutely. There was this Granny Cooks recipe game where my grandmother and I had to work together to remember and assemble a traditional cake recipe she often made when I was a kid. The simple act of mixing ingredients and reviewing preparation steps sparked a lively conversation about moments spent in her kitchen. We managed to bake the cake, and the taste was accompanied by a wave of memories. It wasn’t just a recipe, it was a link to our past.

My grandmother and I both love literature, so “A text a day ” was perfect for us. We then had a chat about the meaning of the poem, and she told me how she’d studied it at school. It was really special to share these literary moments with her.



It sounds truly memorable. How did your grandmother react to these activities, and what changes did you observe in her?



Marie: She was delighted. I saw his face light up as he relived memories. The moments when she rediscovered forgotten details were emotionally powerful. She was happy that we could spend time together in such an interactive and engaging way. Edith gave her a sense of fulfillment and a way to reconnect with parts of herself that seemed to be lost. There’s also the “Brainstorm” game, which is great fun! We had to form sentences and proverbs from mixed words. My grandmother had this incredible way of juggling letters and forming sentences that made sense. We even had a hilarious discussion about the origin of certain proverbs. It was great to see how this game could stimulate her creativity and spirit. And above all, from now on when we see each other, she’ll at some point place one of the proverbs we’ve rediscovered together. We made new memories together!


It’s really incredible. Do you have any specific advice for other people considering using SCARLETT with their elderly loved ones?

Marie: Absolutely. My advice would be to go in with an open heart. Edith’s games are not only fun, they also create a deep connection by recalling past moments. Each game brought its own charm to our experience. They brought us closer together, stimulated our spirits and created precious memories that I will always cherish. These games aren’t just activities, they’re bonds between us, and that’s what makes them so special. Patience and active listening are essential. Sometimes, the conversations that games can trigger can be surprisingly deep and meaningful. You have to be ready to follow these conversations wherever they lead, because it’s these moments that create the most precious memories and strengthen bonds.

DYNSEO: Your experience is a real source of inspiration. Thank you so much, Marie, for sharing this emotional story with us. It’s a powerful testimony to how SCARLETT can bring generations together and strengthen family ties.

Marie: Thank you. I hope my story will encourage others to discover SCARLETT’s wonders and create unforgettable memories with their loved ones.

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