Tips for improving your memory skills





As most adults would attest to, memory issues can be quite common. In many situations, forgetfulness is a completely normal part of aging and typically doesn’t mean you need memory care or have dementia.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to live with the occasional lapse in memory. For situations like this, there are a number of things that you can do to boost your memory and improve your memory skills. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Give Your Brain Some Exercise



You give your body a workout so why not do the same for your brain? Stimulate your brain with memory games or challenges. It can be as simple as playing a memory card game with a friend or doing online brain teasers.

Like any other muscle in the body, with the brain, if you don’t “use it” you can “lose it.” If you don’t exercise your arm muscles, they are going to become weaker, and the same goes with your brain.



…But Make Sure to Exercise Your Body As Well





While you’re in the exercise mood, make sure that you are giving your body some much-needed exercise as well.

Working out is great for the brain as it keeps blood pumping to this vital organ. Make sure to do exercises that require hand-eye coordination to challenge your brain even more.


Get Plenty of Sleep


Sleep is known to enhance your memories and help you think more clearly. In fact, there have been several studies, including some recent notable studies at Harvard that showcase the impact a good night of sleep can have on your ability to recall information.


Stop Multi-Tasking


So many people today pride themselves on their ability to multi-task. However, multi-tasking can actually impact your ability to memorize or recall important information. You need about 8 seconds to commit something to memory, and if you are multi-tasking that may be impossible. So, if you set your keys down when you are talking on the phone with your sister and carrying in your groceries, chances are you won’t remember where you put the keys a few minutes later.







While brain teasers are great for keeping the brain active, you still need to make sure that your brain has the ability to rest and recover as well. A great way to do this is with mindful meditation. It helps the brain refocus and re-center and it can help improve your ability to be more mindful of what is around you. Being more mindful includes noticing and remembering things more easily. Give meditation a try—you only need about 10-15 minutes of meditation per day to see results.


If you want to test your brain a bit and work on improving your memory, keep these tips in mind. They are simple, yet effective things that you can easily add to your current routine to help make your memory better than ever.




Tablet based apps to take care of you each day


Some tablet tools that can help you :


joe bon format_entrainement cerebral

Stim’Art Clint

Brain training

Clint is designed for adults with prevention or low cognitive loss. The 3 difficulties allow anyone to adapt the exercise according to their abilities. So she can work her memory, attention, concentration, mental agility with a program with more than 24 games. These memory games are a mix of cultural games and games of reflexes and attention.


Games For Memory

Stim’Art Scarlett

Memory games post stroke

Scarlett is a memory games program suitable for someone with a stroke. with significant cognitive losses. These games allow to work all the memory without being defeated.


The rolling ball

Fine motor work

Rolling Ball is a tablet application that focuses attention, fine motor skills and spatial tracking. In this game, the tablet becomes a real support pendulum.