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LIFE ENRICHMENT : Create great life enrichment activities in Nursing Homes

Last October, we organized a survey to understand what were the best practices in terms of facilities and activities in nursing homes.

We asked many questions to psychologists, nursing home directors, nursing home facilitators, etc…, and received more than 650 answers.

Our aim now is to give relevant advice to all nursing home facilitators who want to be more efficient and accessible with elderly people and their training.

First of all, seniors rarely hesitate to take part in nursing home activities. They are open-minded and love discovering new activities in their everyday life. That is why playing brain games with them is a great option!

BEFORE THE ACTIVITY – Organizing & planning


    • Organize face to face meetings with each resident to get to know them better and to help them discover your establishment. This will allow you to anticipate their fears and concerns.
    • Know all the residents’ impairments to propose them adapted activities in Nursing Homes. You will also be able to offer other senior brain apps, etc.
    • Never underestimate the resident’s capacities, you could be surprised. Sometimes, they are gifted in using new technologies such as brain games and senior brain apps, etc.
    • Organize simple events, so that all residents can participate. Don’t forget to take into consideration their experience and the place where the event is being held (city? countryside?). This will help you organize successful senior residents’ activities.
    • Schedule your Nursing Home activities within a year and give bearing to your residents to win their loyal.



    • Don’t be obsessed with the project! Instead, focus on how the seniors react. Spend time listening to them, and try to distract them with a bit of fun. You can also assist them when they play fun brain games!
    • Don’t hesitate to set up groups of 3 or 4 members. (example: activities in nursing homes).
    • Don’t be shy. You must not be afraid of being ridiculous. You must be confident to organize successful activities in nursing homes
    • Act with the residents: take part in your Nursing home cultural activities (Exemple: DIY activities) instead of expecting great results from the elderly. It will improve the quality of you Nursing Home cultural activities!
    • You must have a high capacity to adapt to your environment and know how to improvise. If you lack imagination, you could motivate seniors to play games to train their brain.
    • Always encourage your residents to participate! Elderly peopple can often be shy, they are more often onlookers rather than direct participants. Let them play great fun brain games!
  •       Whatever happens, act in the spur of the moment!

Dynseo Family, DYNSEO



    • React to any feedback!  They could inspire new activities in Nursing Homes(example: playing brain games, Alzheimer’s apps, etc).
    • Don’t seek too much recognition.


seniors playing with Scarlett on this tablet



    • Remain available for all residents (do not forget anybody) in all situations.
    • Value your residents, do not underestimate them. (example: When they play games for the brain).
    • Stay motivated, stay in a good mood and maintain your creativity. Never give up! In fact, activities in nursing homes could be tiring!)
    • Work in collaboration with the care team during activities for senior residents
    • Create and maintain a social link with families.
    • Do not infantilize seniors. This obviously won’t encourage them to participate in the next activities in nursing homes.
    • Give priority to the quality rather than quantity. You could assist seniors when they play senior brain apps, etc.
  • Request information from the town hall to identify what partnerships could be established (Schools, associations, etc.).

Animation in Nursing homes is an on-going and continuous activity!

What are you waiting for?

Life facilitators should also take time to have a drink with seniors, to discuss with them, to understand their concerns, and overall smile to them!  To smile is the best animation you could ever offer to lonely people! Don’t forget to SMILE!

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An adapted app for people in nursing homes:



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  • A simple interface,
  • 3 levels of difficulty,
  • No WiFi needed


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Scarlett Your Brain Coach Skiretreat, DYNSEO
Scarlett, DYNSEO

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A memory games program adapted for people with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases.

2-player games

To help each other and play together, some games can be played in pairs. The screen is divided into 2 parts, and each plays one side.

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Scarlett works without Internet.

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and your brain is a new hero!



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