What educational software can be used for recreational activities?

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The computer has popularized the notion of software. Without them, we can’t do anything! They invite themselves into training and learning programs. We hear more and more about educational softwares. After a brief presentation, we will give a list of educational software that are great for recess. Finally, sound advice to help you make a wise choice.


1. Discovering educational software

Fabulous, magical… These are words that come up again and again when we talk about software. Here’s a brief overview of what educational softwares are.


What is educational software?

It is a computer program developed to facilitate learning. An educational software allows children or teenagers to acquire new knowledge. Thus, they can be used by teachers at school. Parents have the opportunity to make these computer programs available to their children at home. Some programs are also used in recreation centers.

The educational software is a powerful tool in all school subjects. Kindergarteners are also included in these programs. We even talk about educational software recreation. However, it is important to distinguish between educational software and traditional software.


Characteristics of a good educational software

Regardless of the source or price of educational softwares, its choice should be motivated by the following elements. First of all, the content of the computer program must be in accordance with the age of each user. The best programs have the advantage of quick and easy installation. Hence the importance of a clean and user-friendly interface.


2. Some examples of educational software

It is not always easy to find your way around the multitude of educational software available on the market. That’s why we propose here a selection of educational games for recreation.


Playing with balls

Children love balls. This is why they tend to be attracted to round or spherical objects. Therefore, parents can please them with educational software recreation or educational games highlighting the balls that they are used to using. We distinguish for example recreational games which consists in bursting balloons. The player’s goal is to target all the balls and pop them. A fun way for every child to have a good time.

There are also educational games designed for children who love football. Scoring goals with your favorite players is a lot of fun for toddlers.


When Santa Claus invites himself to the playground!

Santa stories have always been exciting. Playing with Santa at recess will be just as important. There are a variety of games developed with this in mind. It’s up to you to select what the kids will really enjoy. The topics are varied. For example, we will play with Santa Claus whose mission is to collect as many gifts as possible in order to distribute them. However, there will be no shortage of obstacles along the way. He must be able to overcome them.

What if we opted instead for Santa Claus fishing! Why not opt for a walk with Santa? We have a wide range of recreational games related to this one.


Colors at recess

Learning colors is done through educational games designed by experienced developers. Some games offer to assemble the same colors in a block. The player colors each block with the color suggested. It should be noted that the game levels are progressive.

Other games feature colored marbles. Here, it is a question of sorting the same color to arrange them in a tube or a jar. Don’t forget the ones that allow children to paly with painting. For example, they will have the opportunity to paint a house by choosing their favorite colors.


It’s cool with animals!

Animals are widely used in the design of a variety of educational games. The advantage is that you can select the games according to the children’s favorite animals. Cats and dogs are animals that can be found in almost every game category. Learn how to feed a dog or a cat. Leading a little chicken on a path full of danger. Rescue a fish attacked by a shark. Educational games related to animals are very popular.


3. How to choose an educational software for recess?

It participates in the proper development of the child. This is a very topical issue, as there are a lot of educational software. Here are a few useful pointers.


For a better choice

There are many players working to develop educational software. A good choice implies choosing a player capable of providing suitable products. Teachers or parents can rely on specialized companies. However, there is a plethora of educational software on the market. Hence the need to know what you really want to buy. Many people may be at a loss for what to do.

Consider certain criteria if you want to make a wise choice. We refer to criteria such as: age, user’s needs and desired outcome. Many educational software programs benefit from innovative design. Finally, choose according to the child’s or teen’s grade level.


Free or paid educational software?

Educational recreational software can be installed on various kinds of devices. They are compatible with computers (PC) and tablets. Some versions work with game consoles. You can install free educational software. But paid software can offer more advantages than these.

Whether it is a free or paid educational software, prefer a version that the child will be able to use easily. Think about the quality of the graphics and animations. As for the prices of educational software, they range from 10 to 100 euros, as an indication.

Discover the COCO THINKS and COCO MOVES app.


The COCO THINKS and COCO MOVES © educational app contains more than 30 educational games to work on English, math, logic, memory or attention.

In addition, the app imposes a sports break every 15 minutes of screen time to teach measured screen use.

Much smarter than a parental control!

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