Custom remote monitoring

While a senior uses the Stim’Art program, all statistics are recorded. You are able to track data such as choice of game, difficulty level chosen, time spent in-game success rates and preferred games. Most importantly, you may trend the senior’s progress over time.

The goal is to be able to measure the senior’s progression, development, and well-being, while also identifying and anticipating weaknesses. Thus any health professional (primary care physician, geriatrician, speech therapist, psychologist or other care providers) can follow seniors remotely as they enjoy playful tools.

follow alzheimer patients favorite games alzheimer

You can follow the trend of seniors’ statistics over the last 10 games, the last three months or even the last year, so you can assess progress over time better.

follow statistics

remote memory exercizes

You can also monitor the senior’s self-reported well-being!

senior well being

This platform is to be used by:

– seniors themselves to keep track of their own statistics

– physicians, psychologists or advanced practice providers

– nurses, social workers, therapists or other care providers

– an independent physician to who the senior or family caregiver gives a report every month (available soon)

Whether used by an institution or a health professional, this platform enables you to monitor your seniors from a remote location. You can also follow their progress between each therapy session.

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