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This platform can be used by:

– seniors themselves to keep track of their own statistics as they are easy to interpret.

– physicians, psychologists or advanced practice providers

– nurses, social workers, therapists or other care providers

– an independent physician to whom the senior or family caregiver gives a report every month (available soon)

An accessible user interface


When a user plays on the Stim’Art app, it saves every statistic: which game was played, difficulty level, time spent, success rate, favorite game but also the most important, the evolution.

The objective is to measure the progress as well as the wellbeing and the evolution to spot weaknesses. This way, any health professional (physicians, psychologists, nurse, therapist, etc.) can follow his patient remotely with a non-stressful tool.

A great deal of information is available such as the number of games played, total time spent on a game, success rate, etc.

An overview

An overview is available. You can access the list of profiles under your care as well as overall statistics: average age, favorite game, difficulty level and time spent on the app.

Tracking of well-being over time

senior well being

You can also follow the evolution of your patient’s well-being over time and thus anticipate when a patient feels down!


This functionality gives you the possibility to be warned whenever a patient is struggling.

There are different types of alerts that have been defined with health professionals:

– Well-being alert

– “Lack of activity” alert

– Decrease of the cognitive performance alert

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Remote monitoring of patients
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