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Stress is a tension that triggers the secretion of glucocorticoids in the blood. These hormones boost the metabolism. This level of stress is beneficial. However, chronic stress results in physical and psychological problems. Discovering positive stress!


What is stress?

With so much being said about stress, it seems necessary to provide some information so that you can be better informed.


It designates a voltage

Today, several circumstances can lead us into particular situations. Under these conditions, the body will set up a psychological mechanism. The objective is to enable the individual to deal with each particular situation. This is called stress. This tension or mechanism promotes a set of reactions within the body. There are many different types of stressful situations. Moreover, they can occur at any time, whether at home, at work, etc. Stress should not be confused with anxiety. Anxiety refers to fear or worry.


There is such a thing as good stress!

Good stress or positive stress is a reality. Rather than having negative effects on the body, positive stress allows for unusual things to happen. For example, tension produced by the body will allow a task that you are not used to doing at work. So, the right stress helps you to be the best you can be. Positive stress or eustress is an ideal companion in daily life. It’s up to you to take advantage of it to meet your challenges. However, there are some things you can do to keep the stress positive. It is necessary to keep an optimistic state of mind and a good self-confidence.


Three benefits of positive stress

Stress does not only have dramatic consequences on health. It contains unsuspected benefits. Which ones?


  • A natural stimulant

In a certain amount, stress is beneficial for all people, regardless of age. A low level of stress will stimulate the body in a positive way. This stimulation, which can be done at several levels, contributes to the improvement of performance. This is possible on both a physical and psychological level. This natural stimulant pushes you to action. So, this type of stress allows you to surpass yourself. For example, good stress allows you to work better in the office. Otherwise, in an athlete, it can act as a catalyst to boost abilities. Furthermore, eustress helps to strengthen the immune system.


  • Our emotions are involved

Stress has the ability to activate our emotions which can have positive effects on our daily life. Stress is able to activate fear. This does not only have negative effects, it has a beneficial side in that you can use it as fuel to push yourself beyond your limits. In addition, fear can increase attention and alertness in various situations.


  • It releases adrenaline

Adrenaline is presented as the stress hormone. It will be secreted under the action of the hypothalamus. Basically, it sends a nervous message to the so-called “medullary glands” to produce adrenaline. Normal levels of adrenaline help cope with dangers by increasing alertness. Thus, stress has positive effects. It will mobilize your energy. Under the right stress, it is possible to complete a file in the office in no time.


When stress becomes negative

At a reasonable level, stress is good for the body and mind. But it becomes negative when it tends to accumulate. Its negative effects will be felt on a physical and psychological level.


The harms of bad stress

Such levels of stress will cause disproportionate emotional reactions. Indeed, when stress increases, we notice physical reactions such as: muscular tensions, headaches, stomach aches, changes in heart rate, etc. Bad stress can also be recognized by the inability to control a situation. Hyperstress tends to change behaviors (anger, irritability, worry). Exposed to an overload of stress, you may experience sleep disturbances, palpitations and various digestive disorders.


And the case of oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress, also known as “oxidative pressure”, is a kind of aggression that the bodycells undergo. This aggression is caused by free radicals. These two types of stress should not be confused. On the one hand, oxidative stress attacks the body’s cells. On the other hand, stress (positive or negative) has a psychological impact.

Oxidative stress is harmful because it promotes premature aging of cells. Fortunately, you can fight them with antioxidants, that can be found in food such as vitamin C, vitamin E, flavonoids and others.


Ways to cope with stress

There are solutions adapted to everyone to better manage stress. You can explore ways to reduce the pressure caused by stress.


Adopt a positive attitude

Adopting a positive attitude allows you to face a stressful situation in the right way. For example, do a short relaxation session in a few minutes. Another option is to learn to breathe properly. In this case, start by inhaling, inflating your belly, then exhaling fully. In addition, some plants have calming properties. We can take full advantage of their anti-stress benefits. Drink some sweet orange, chamomile or lavender tea…


Find an anti-stress activity

The practice of a soft activity seems to be a good alternative to reduce the stress of everyday life. One can practice an activity such as sophrology, music or yoga. Others prefer to sign up for activities such as drawing, knitting or a spa treatment. Focus on an activity based on your interests. In the event of prolonged stress, do not hesitate to seek the help or support of a professional trained in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Play to relax!

One of the ways to relax is to start with interesting games that will captivate you. Because it has been proven that playing makes us happy, so why deprive ourselves of it.

Play to decompress


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Playing makes us happy,

and it’s been proven!

playing makes me happy

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