Mental exercise to fight depression

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Do you want to fight depression? Even though you are on antidepressants, you want to try a new way to feel better? We’re going to tell you about mental training for depression. Ready to learn more? Then stay with us! This is the place to do it!


Why does depression occur?

Depression is a psychological illness that disrupts a person’s daily life. Today we do not know all the causes of depression, but we know that there are several factors. There are psychological, biological and environmental factors.

Among the main causes of depression, we can find disrupted relationships with loved ones, traumas, the loss of a close person, the loss of a job or a family conflict. Depression also has a genetic side, which makes the person more vulnerable and susceptible.
When a person is in a state of depression, their moods are disturbed and can change rapidly. These create a pessimistic view of the world and of oneself.

Willpower is not enough to get out of depression. That’s why you need to find solutions to treat it and prevent it from becoming chronic.



There are different reasons why a person may be depressed.

In order to fight depression, most doctors recommend antidepressants. However, these are particularly long and heavy treatments that require a lot of psychological support and do not necessarily help the brain to feel better.

Antidepressants can be useful in certain situations, but you must be followed by a specialized doctor. Plus, antidepressants can have undesirable effects, such as drowsiness, weight gain, nervousness, decreased libido etc. It is therefore important to work on these side effects.


Depression and the brain

During depressive disorders, brain function is disturbed. The connections between neurons are altered, so information is not processed properly by the brain. This is why the person with depressive disorders has an altered vision of the world.

Cognitive functions such as attention, memory or logic may be weaker.

We must therefore be careful not to enter a vicious circle. Depression reduces our skills, we feel inadequate and therefore depression increases.


Brain training: a new method

It is important to take into account that after a certain age, the brain has more difficulty. Indeed, certain functions such as cognitive function can be weakened because of age. Nevertheless, depression can lessen even more these functions. It is therefore wise to train your brain. It may also help you think about other things, which is not insignificant.

By stimulating the brain the person can improve his or her skills. In this way, the person can feel capable, independent and intelligent. Achieving good self-esteem is important, as depression often leads to a decrease in self-esteem.

Of course, it is perfectly possible to do fun exercises such as reading a book or doing Sudokus, for example. This will allow you to think about other things, but also to ensure that your brain does not lose its senses, quite the contrary. You can find many exercises that will suit you perfectly. After all, when you’re depressed, it’s really important to do things you enjoy, especially if you want to stimulate your brain.

Note that some hospitals may also offer programs for people with depression. During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to exercise. In addition, you will certainly have the chance to meet many people, which is not negligible.

A practical tool to exercise your brain: SCARLETT

SCARLETT is an app on tablet that works all your cognitive functions in a fun and cultural way.

Through more than 30 games, you stimulate your brain while having fun.


SCARLETT allows you to work on your cognitive functions to keep your brain active, but also to improve your mood. The activities are proposed in the form of a game, rather than as an exercise. The person can therefore do a fun activity and try to improve his mood and his brain.

Some of the games can be played in pairs, so you can keep a good relationship with your loved ones.



Solve the Sudoku grids.

This classic game, in digital form, allows you to have an infinite number of grids, always different, always at your disposal.

Choose between easy, medium or hard level to find your level and not be frustrated by the game.

Hunting Intruders


Look for the intruder between the words.

Thanks to this game, you can improve your language, semantic classification and logic!

You can also play in pairs, with a family member or a friend.

huntingintruders-tablet-scarlett-games-braintraining-cognitivefunctions-seniors-app-alzheimers-parkinsons (2)

In conclusion, when a person is depressed, it is necessary to try to make them think about anything else but their troubles, and keep them busy.

Try to stimulate his brain to the maximum. Don’t hesitate to practice some mental training exercises to keep your brain healthy!


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