Our recommandations



Amazing but true: sport creates intellectual dynamism! Indeed, learning new gestures or  coordinating your movements stimulates nerve cells and your cerebral capacity. On top of that,  physical activity preserves the autonomy of seniors, whether this is moving more easily, climbing  stairs more easily, or being more flexible and agile in order to reduce the risk of falls. Finally it  improves cardiovascular function. Don’t hesitate anymore : move!







Eating well can have many virtues for your brain. Omega 3, which are fatty acids are    essential  for the proper development and maintenance of your brain. It is now proven that  regular  consumption of Omega 3 can actually slow cognitive decline in the elderly, ie slowing  the  development of Alzheimer’s disease, and protecting from Parkinson’s disease or dementia.


So eat fish, green vegetables, and grains!







Playing regularly, 2-3 times a week, helps stimulate and maintain your cognitive abilities! With  our memory games and brain training, developed hand in hand with health professionals, you  can work all your cognitive functions while having fun, and we all know fun is as important as  training. Have fun!







 Be positive!


Think positive! Having more positive emotions than negative emotions will increase your  happiness and well-being, but also improve your mental and physical health: better resistance to  stress, diseases and health concerns.


So be positive and enjoy life to the fullest, whatever your age!