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Many studies have shown that swimming is one of the best sports for our health. This activity promotes well-being, prevents certain illnesses, and maintains social ties. Thus, the practice of this sport is ideal for seniors.

Here are some tips and arguments to motivate you just before the summer!


Swimming, one of the most complete sports

Swimming remains the most complete and least violent sport. This activity will allow you to work almost every muscle in your body.
You will be able to work your back and shoulders, but also your arms, abs, as well as your buttocks. Your body will become more resistant. You will become more flexible and have better balance.

You will therefore have less risk of falling. Interesting, isn’t it?

In addition, regular practice of breaststroke will relieve certain lower back pain, which is common among seniors.

swimming seniors physical activity

Swimming to prevent certain diseases

Swimming promotes venous return: swimming promotes blood circulation while limiting water retention in the body. Therefore, regular practice will make your heart more resistant and powerful. You will therefore have less chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

In addition, swimming :

  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure at rest.
  • Maintains the amplitude of your joints and reduces the risk of arthritis.
  • Is not a violent sport, with little impact to remove the risks on the skeleton.
  • Reduces type 2 diabetes, to some extent.
  • Improves the pumping of the blood located in the legs: sport adapted to those who suffer from venous problems.

All of this information is very reassuring for someone who can’t do too much sport! This activity for retirees is therefore beneficial!


A sport that improves your well-being!

Swimming promotes relaxation, thanks to the contact of water on the skin. Swimming is a gentle sport, not traumatic for our joints.

In addition, the sensation of floating and weightlessness will give you pleasure. Your brain will release more endorphins (commonly called “happy hormones”) which are natural hormones that will disperse throughout your body. Its effects will be beneficial because it will help to fight against anguish, anxiety and depression.

An activity to avoid isolation…

More than a sport, swimming is a perfect cultural and social activity!

By visiting the municipal pool regularly, you will meet new seniors and be able to talk with them. Don’t hesitate to sign up for group classes. This will help you socialize and you will have the opportunity to make new friends.

You will then be able to find them outside of grading hours. This will avoid situations of isolation.

social activity adults seniors swimming

How often should I swim?

Regularity and frequency are the keys to good swimming.
Ideally, you should swim two to three times a week for 45 minutes.

If these times seem too long, you can start with shorter sessions. For example, plan several 20- to 25-minute sessions, then increase the duration as your fitness improves.

Nager Vf, DYNSEO

Swimming can improve your memory!

Sport is also beneficial for boosting our memory!
Acta psychologica “, an English journal of experimental psychology, has published a survey about the benefits of sport on our memory.

The investigation consisted of an experiment in which participants performed memory tests before and after a sports session. This study shows that the results following the session were significantly better.

According to Audrey Duarte, associate professor of psychology who participated in the experiment, “even without using expensive scanners, our results give us an idea of which areas of the brain may be responsible for the memory benefits of sports.

In addition to keeping your body in shape, swimming will also help you remember!


Golden rule: The most important thing is to have fun!

Swim at your own pace and don’t try to beat the competition.
Finally, you should know that there are some contradictions to the practice of swimming such as epilepsy, diabetes, ENT pathologies, etc… It is important to take all the necessary precautions.

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