During a stroke, the consequences are more or less important, but aphasia is very often identified in patients. It is therefore important to carry out rehabilitation by taking the time to support the person to give them the necessary time and tools to help them regain their speech.

In order to successfully apply the right solutions to aphasia, it is important to take the time to properly identify aphasia and to understand the various symptoms. We have therefore prepared an article to give you some practical advice and allow you to act appropriately without making mistakes. So don’t wait any longer to read the rest!



First of all, it is important to be aware of the different symptoms related to aphasia. This will allow you to act well and to apply the right solutions. You will experience different symptoms depending on the location of the stroke lesion. The patient may experience word repetition, mispronunciation, personal jargon, sounds that are difficult to produce, or mixing several words or making them incomprehensible.

When writing, sentences will not make sense and will often be short or incomplete. It is therefore important to correctly identify the symptoms and learn to prevent aphasia as much as possible by adopting a healthy lifestyle as much as possible.

To succeed in relieving a person suffering from aphasia, you will need to put several solutions in place, but you will also need to use an unavoidable asset day after day: patience. Indeed, you will need to be present and take all the time you need to see improvements without forcing the person with the disorder. This can last a few months or several years depending on the difficulties encountered. It will therefore be necessary to be patient in order to succeed in helping the patient without forgetting that speech will not be able to return to 100%, we observe about 80% of the recovery at the maximum.




When a person is affected by aphasia, appropriate solutions will need to be put in place to encourage improvements. Indeed, if the damage is light, it will be quite possible to achieve recovery without heavy treatment. For this, it will be sufficient to start by setting up sessions to work on speech therapy through effective rehabilitation. It will be necessary to start them as soon as possible and to set up a schedule with about 4 sessions per week to benefit from a good regularity.

It will be possible to vary the sessions by setting up playful and motivating activities that will make it possible to have fun while working. If the exercises are carried out in a good mood, the results will be seen as quickly as possible and this will motivate you to continue.

Other solutions concern group therapy where participants will practice discussing by initiating conversations and taking turns to express themselves until they make progress while meeting new people.

Therapy can be done by computer if necessary, to vary the methods while proposing various exercises that will avoid going around in circles by proposing activities in a loop. Whatever the method used in each session; it will be necessary to be careful to respect a few elements in order to progress serenely.

Take the time to speak in simple sentences and at a slower pace. Don’t hesitate to take pauses to let the person express themselves without making the mistake of correcting them as they go along or by finishing their sentences, for example. If possible, think about reducing noise to avoid distractions!

Within the Scarlett or Clint program, the games Trespasser Hunt, Proverbs, HangMan, will help you to work on the language in a playful way.



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