What postures should be adopted on a daily basis?

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The posture you adopt on a daily basis has an effect on your health. You must therefore change your habits for a better life comfort. Making sure you have good posture during your daily exercise is essential to maintaining your health. Yes, we must change our posture! But what postures to adopt on a daily basis for his well-being? We suggest you discover the best postures to adopt for better health.



Carrying loads: what posture?

We often hurt our spine or arms when carrying loads, due to bad posture.

Thus, to carry your loads, whether they are heavy or not, you must :

  • Avoid making a round back when lifting or holding your loads;
  • Bend your knees when carrying your loads and use your thigh bend as leverage;
  • Distribute the weight of the load on your body;

For handbags, opt for a shoulder bag for better lateral symmetry.



What posture to use when cleaning?


One of the activities that move our daily lives is cleaning. Hardly avoidable, housework puts a strain on our body. But by adopting the right postures to do your housework, it could become a beneficial exercise for your health.

To perform your household chores while standing, you must:

  • Keep your spine vertical;
  • Bend your knees slightly to avoid tension;
  • Keep your back straight;

For your seated work, you must:

  • Have hips higher than knees;
  • The lower back should not be rounded or hollowed out.




What posture to adopt in front of a computer and your phone?


Nowadays, you spend a lot of time in front of your computers. For better ergonomics during use, you must adopt a good posture on a daily basis.

Thus, in front of your computer, you must :

  • Position the screen at eye level;
  • Avoid putting your neck forward to read the screen;
  • Place your forearms on the desk or chair armrest;
  • Reserve space for your legs so that they are relaxed and mobile.

In front of your phone, it is important not to bend your head towards the screen. Also, it’s best to relax your shoulders when typing.



What posture to adopt when going to sleep?


Have you ever woken up with pain in your neck, joints, etc.? ? It is certainly because you have adopted a bad posture during your sleep. To get a good night’s sleep, you also need to have good posture.

For optimal sleep, you should sleep on your side or back, using a pillow to raise your head slightly. This posture is good for your spine, your joints and does not interfere with your breathing.

So, you need to know how to avoid bad posture during your daily activities to ensure your well-being and good health. So be sure to adopt good postures by following these tips.



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