The application adapted for autistic children

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Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can manifest itself with many symptoms. Normally, this disorder can be identified and diagnosed from the age of 3. If the symptoms are weaker, the diagnosis can also come later, in some cases even in adulthood.
The first thing to do is to understand the child’s difficulties and needs. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact a health professional. They can help you find the best solutions for your children.


Solutions for autistic children

People with autism very often attend sessions with professionals to improve their living conditions. Indeed, it allows them to carry out regular work to gain self-confidence, develop their motor skills and socialize. People with autism therefore do a great deal of work on themselves to progress and better integrate in society.

However to succeed in improving, it is advised to continue to do exercises at home, to keep train to progress at their own pace. The same goes for an autistic child who needs to progress and acquire skills. Certain activities can therefore be done for children and adults with autism while staying at home, without a professional. But to work effectively, it is important to choose the right activities.

We have prepared an article to help you select the most practical application that will help you have a fun time with your autistic child while helping them improve. So, don’t wait any longer, read on!

Why use apps?

For children with autism, creating relationships with others is difficult. Sharing objects, activities or looking at each other in games can become a frustrating activity for them. It is important to find a way to stimulate them on a cognitive level, by staying in touch with them.

The tablet becomes an innovative solution. A tablet can have all the necessary applications, so the child will not have a lot of objects to manage. The tablet also manages the variables of the game, so the child can focus on the activity without distraction.

In addition, at the level of the relationship, the tablet can help children with autism. It becomes an intermediary in the relationship between the child and his family. The child can therefore stay in contact with his family or friends.


Applications for autistic children

There are different types of apps available. So you need to find the right applications. There is no such thing as the perfect app, you have to choose according to the child’s needs, age and difficulties.

If the child has severe difficulties, you can look for apps to compensate for the weaker skills. For example, you can look for apps to communicate when the child cannot speak. In this case, the goal of the program is to give the child a solution to keep his or her independence as long as possible.

If the symptoms are more moderate or low, you can look for applications as a support for the child’s development. In this case, the goal of the app is to stimulate cognitive functions to improve the child’s skills. So you can look for educational or cognitive game apps.



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People with autism need to work day after day to consolidate what they have learned, without forgetting to progress in different areas to feel better in society and gain self-confidence. But to do this, they need to select the right play activities. There are applications that allow you to have a good time while learning many things!

Indeed, if you have a tablet, you can install many games that will allow your autistic child to work while having fun. The advantage of these applications is that the tablet can be taken anywhere, even during vacations: your child can practice at any time of the day according to their own schedule and their own mood.

You can discover the COCO application for children. This application available on the AppStore and Play Store allows children aged 5 to 10 years old to have fun with educational games that will help develop concentration, attention and memory. Ultimately, the activities help develop understanding of the world and acquire a richer vocabulary.

COCO offers activities with 3 levels of difficulty to allow each child to play and progress at their own pace. Counting more than 28 educational games, allow your child to work on many elements through different activities. You can even discover another language while having fun! And if you want to play with them, you can try the multiplayer games.

So, don’t wait any longer to subscribe to COCO so that your child can discover its many educational games!

Coco at the beach


In this game, the child must bring the ball back to Coco. The ball moves in the chosen direction until it finds an obstacle.

The child has to create mental images of the ball’s movement and the path to take to get to Coco’s character. In addition, he improves his logic and strategy.




In this game, the child must memorize the position of the cards and then find the pairs of images.

This game can be played in pairs, each in turn. You can therefore stimulate the child’s visual memory, but also share the activity with him to maintain a good relationship.



In COCO MOVES, you will also find physical activities. Every 15 minutes of screen time the application stops and proposes physical games to the children.

This sports break has several advantages for children, especially if they have autism.

The use of screens is very useful and loved by children, but a prolonged use can become negative. With Coco, the child can take a dynamic break, so he learns to let go of the tablet to do a physical activity while having fun at the same time.

All physical activities are designed for children. With games of balance or dance the children learn to know their body and to adapt to the environment. For children with autism, this can be very useful to increase the known motor patterns and to have a better self-perception (especially when there is hypo or hypersensitivity).

Coco Moves Child doing sports


In our educational app COCO, you can also learn to recognize your emotions with the game “Mime an emotion”, in the Coco Moves part. By clicking on the question mark, you can learn to better recognize the different emotions.

This game to mime emotions is also accessible in the break, after every 15 minutes of screen. In fact, every 15 minutes, children are asked to choose a physical activity to take an active break when you can mime the emotions.



You are surprised when you are amazed at something, at a person or an object. 

It is that feeling when you receive an unexpected gift. So in this situation, you have your eyes and mouth wide open and you cannot wait to open your gift.


When you are confused you are usually lost because of something that happened. You can even forget the name of a person or the name of an object.

To mimic confusion, you can frown your eyebrows, shrug your shoulders or even form a big ‘O’ with your mouth.


Inspiration is what happens when you imagine and create things just by thinking of it. Like when you are drawing, writing, or playing with your toys and making up stories.

When you’re feeling inspired you wrinkle your eyes, you scratch your head a little and you smile when the idea comes.



Affection is something you feel when you are moved by something, when you are thinking positive thoughts about a friend, a family member or a pet. 

Here you can smile and think about good time. You can give a hug or kiss someone,  tell your classmate that you like them.


Boredom happens when you don’t care for what you are doing, you want to do something else like talking to your friends and not listen to the person in front of you.

You can blow really loudly and roll your eyes. You can also wiggle in your chair.


Pain is a feeling you don’t like, you usually feel it when you hurt yourself, and that is physical pain.

It can also be when you are missing someone or something very much. 

To express pain, you can wrinkle your eyes and grit your teeth. You can also touch the part where you are hurt.

Dynseo, to enjoy adapted activities for autistic people

Apps on tablet are ideal to allow your child to work at their own pace while enjoying fun activities. Plus, the format can be adapted to their daily life. Dynseo will give you easy access to many tools that you can introduce your child to discover new activities. You will discover games to help your child’s memory, others for fine motor skills, and some to develop self-confidence and social skills. So don’t hesitate to browse through the different programs Dynseo offers and have your child test them to see which app attract them more. They can spend many days practicing and will want to surpass themselves in order to move forward! Whether at home, outside or on vacation, your tablet will never be far away to allow your child to have fun while working on their personal development!

Discover the COCO THINKS

and COCO MOVES app

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Supporting children with autism


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