People with autism very often attend sessions with professionals to improve their living conditions. Indeed, this allows them to carry out regular work to gain self-confidence, develop their motor skills and socialization. An autistic person therefore does a great deal of work on oneself to progress and feel good in society.

But to succeed in improving, it is advisable to continue to do exercises at home, to train progressively to progress at one’s own pace. The same goes for an autistic child who needs to progress and acquire skills to gain self-confidence. Certain activities can therefore be done for a child or adult with autism while staying at home, away from a professional. But to work effectively, it is important to choose the right activities.

We have prepared an article to help you select the most practical application that will help you spend a fun time with your autistic child while helping them improve. So, don’t wait any longer to read on!





People with autism need to workday after day to consolidate what they have learned, without forgetting to progress in different areas to feel better in society and gain self-confidence. But to do this, they need to select the right play activities. There are games on applications that allow you to have a good time while learning many things!

Indeed, if you have a tablet, you can install many games that will allow your autistic child to work while having fun. The advantage of these applications is that the tablet can be taken anywhere, even during vacations: your child can practice at any time of the day according to their own schedule and their own mood.

You can discover the COCO application for children. This application available on the App Store and Google Play allows children aged 5 to 10 years old to have fun with educational games that will help develop concentration, attention and memory. Ultimately, the activities help develop understanding of the world and acquire a richer vocabulary.

COCO offers activities with 3 levels of difficulty to allow each child to play and progress at their own pace. The 18 educational games allow to work on many elements through different activities. It is even possible to discover another language while having fun!

And if you want to play with them, you can go to some of the games that are available for group play. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of a subscription so that your child can discover COCO and its many educational games!




Tablet applications are therefore ideal for allowing your child to work at their own pace while enjoying fun activities and supports adapted to their daily life. Dynseo will give you easy access to many tools that you can introduce your child to discover new activities. You will discover games to help your child’s memory, others for motor skills, and some to develop self-confidence and social skills for example.

So don’t hesitate to browse through the different programs on offer and have your child test them to see which applications attract them more quickly. They can spend many days practicing and will want to surpass themselves in order to move forward! Whether at home, outside or on vacation, your tablet will never be far away to allow your autistic child to have fun while working on their personal development!

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