Tips for practicing your logical reasoning: logic games and practical exercises


The aging of the body is something many people fear, but even more so that of the brain. Whether in a place of service or in a retirement home, for a particular task, alone or in a group, your logic is always needed. Like any muscle in your body, the brain needs to be maintained constantly, hence the importance of practicing logic games to improve its efficiency.

Tip #1: Learn how to get organized

The brain has to manage various information simultaneously, make decisions quickly, remember tasks to be done, or remember how to perform a particular task. Your results will only improve when your brain is well prepared, whether for activities requiring high concentration or memory games. Note that you can start working on your cognitive abilities, memory or concentration at any age.


Logic games are excellent to help you develop the potential of your brain. Working on your logic means knowing how to organize yourself, set the priorities of the day, and create an appropriate work schedule. There are psychotechnical tests designed to help you think in logical patterns. You will then develop your alertness and long-term ability to concentrate effectively. Here are some exercises and tips to work on your logic.

Tip N°2: develop your memory

This exercise allows you to work on your immediate memory (short-term). To do this, take a shopping list, observe it for a few seconds, then try to recite it in the right order. Here’s a little trick, squeeze an object in your left hand several times. This will facilitate your learning.



Tip N°3: use logical sequences

To develop your logical reasoning, take 5 minutes every day to memorize a logical sequence of numbers. This psychotechnical test and other similar tests will help you to think in logical patterns instinctively. You will then reduce the risk of making mistakes when faced with a decision.

Tip #4: Try the Stroop test

Work on your long-term concentration with the Stroop test. This short and easy to understand exercise will allow you to concentrate better by developing your ability to sort between relevant and secondary information. This will also allow you to increase your concentration time.


Tip N°5: Project yourself

Visualize a critical task you need to accomplish. Imagine, for example, calling the person with whom you have an appointment, or making the trip to the meeting place. This exercise will make it easier for you to remember what is essential when you you’re in action.

Tip 6: Be logical

Being logical also means perceiving situations as a whole and in their details. To do this, you have to work on your ability to observe well. A very simple exercise is to grab an object and take the time to appreciate its features. Try then to paint it in three dimensions in your mind. This pushes you to visualize the design of the object, its complexity and every detail. You also increase your ability to make out objects in space.



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