Clint program is a brain training program and memory games designed for independent seniors.

The objective is to challenge, to learn and to stimulate, while having fun.


The Scarlett program is a memory game program adapted to seniors with cognitive impairment. Indeed, the program was designed at workshops in nursing homes, where we worked with health professionals about the favorite games of residents. The aim was to

Remote monitoring of patients

When a player plays on his Stim’art program, all statistics are recorded: the choice of the game, the difficulty level chosen, the time spent, the success rate, preferred games … But also the most important: the

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Challenged cognitive functions

Train your brain

Why train your brain? With age, the brain loses its liveliness and stamina just like the body does. It is therefore essential to train cognitive functions: memory, attentiveness, speech, executive function, etc. in order to preserve as long as possible...

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DYNSEO supports research on Alzheimer’s

From its very beginning, DYNSEO has been involved in research on Alzheimer’s disease. The goal is to invent with the help of its health partners the tools of tomorrow to:

- Diagnose neurodegenerative diseases at an early stage

- Preserve as long as possible cognitive function

For each purchase, 2$ will be donated to our health partners for research on Alzheimer's.

research against alzheimers

Why Stim’Art ?

brain games app

Animation in nursing homes

Care home

  Whether you run a care home, a retirement home or a nursing home, two of our product lines can help to ensure that your residents receive the best quality care. In collaboration with neuropsychiatrists, we develop : – Cognitive testing for assessing the residents’ cognitive...

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Our awards & honors

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They’ve adopted Stim’art


"I think my mother is better since she uses your applications; she is in better shape and I can play with her. Thank you very much."



"I first discovered the Stim'Art games in a memory workshop which my town organized. I used to cringe at the idea of doing my exercices and always performed them reluctantly. But I must say Stim'Art has enchanted me and now I gladly play several times a week. My husband borrowed it after his surgery and it really brightened up the following days."



"My son gave me a tablet on my birthday and even though I didn't know how to use it, I did have to exercise my memory. I tend to forget little things you see. Dynseo's technical trainers have been very patient with me and took the time to explain everything to me really nicely. Now I often challenge my memory which is very rewarding because I can actually see the progress I make.

I warmly recommend Stim'Art and Dynseo's trainers! "