Stimulate your brain while having fun


An application of 8 cultural games that stimulate and re-educate your memory while having fun (puzzle, quiz, reading …).

A web tracking platform with accurate and complete statistical analysis for all activities of the player (success / failure, time spent …) and anticipation of an eventual decline ..

You’re in Paris? Come and try our games for free on our premises, you are welcome! We are located at 96 bis boulevard Raspail, 75006 in Paris.

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Medical cognitive test



Well-known and validated tests, commonly used on paper are now digitized on tablets to save time, allowing automation and recording of the results. Testing for Alzheimer’s disease are also undergoing clinical validation.

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Being closest to the caregivers


E-caregivers is a support network which allows any caregiver or helped to share and send an alert to people’s virtual community for assistance to other caregivers.

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Dynseo, or Dynamic Seniors

Mobile applications in the e-health sphere,
dedicated to the quality of aging.

Additional Info

Specialized in the development of e-health applications, Dynseo designs and

develops tests, games and cognitive assessments on touch tablets. These are targeted for

the following professionals:

Health professionals

Seniors and their caregivers

Staff in retiring home

-Speech Therapists

A fun and enjoyable
activity that can be shared
with family, spouse
or caregiver


With benefits for everyone:

-Entertaining stimulation
-Feeling of being better
taken care of
-Novelty effect
-The brain should be trained
like a muscle!

Health professionals
-Automation of results
-Detailed and comprehensive logging and monitoring
-Time saving
-Generalization of early

Health institutions
-New innovative activity
-Tool to communicate
and develop social ties
-Follow progressions and
anticipate of a possible
cognitive decline

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