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A brain training program on Tablet for independent elders Joe program is a brain training program and memory games designed for independent seniors. The objective is to challenge, to learn and  to stimulate, while having fun.   The brain games for

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The Scarlett program is a memory game program adapted to seniors with cognitive impairment. Indeed, the program was designed at workshops in nursing homes, where we worked with health professionals about the favorite games of residents. The aim was to

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Remote monitoring of patients

A custom remote monitoring When a player plays on his Stim’art program, all statistics are recorded: the choice of the game, the difficulty level chosen, the time spent, the success rate, preferred games … But also the most important: the

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Animation in nursing homes

Retirement & nursing homes

Whether you run a senior’s residence, a retirement home or a nursing home, two of our product lines can help ensure that your residents receive the best quality care. In collaboration with neuropsychiatrists, we develop : – Cognitive testing which assess the residents’ cognitive abilities – Cognitive stimulation exercises in...

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The tablet for my residents !

"The games work well in workshops. I used them in memory workshop: independently with residents with limited cognitive impairments and in group workshops. They need to be guided but they manage quickly enough to be independent. I also used the tablets in our protected unit and it went also very well. I was able to use the sound recognition games. They were driven beyond my expectations. This game promoting saying out loud souvenirs, success and failure. I have also been able to harvest 5 words of a resident mute who had not spoken with words for months. In summary, this is a really good cognitive stimulation tool for all. "

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