Why using Stim’Art for memory games?                                                                                   

Our memory games and brain training program on tablet, Scarlett and Edith, are very much appreciated by their users for these several reasons:


 We memory games elders held workshops with seniors, as well as caregiver in retirement homes to find out what were their favorite games. Then we worked with neuropsychologists to adapt and make a training program as exhaustive as possible. So  the seniors  really enjoy the games, and they see them as exercises to do.

The monthly updates allow you to discover new games and new content.

You want a specific game? Submit it to us!



activities seniors with grand childrenYou can play against each other at the same time on the same tablet.

And if you’re away from your grandchildren? They can send you messages and photos directly into the app. Very simple!

(this feature requires Internet)






nursing home care

You play on your tablet, and your results are analyzed.

So follow your improvement and set your goals!

And if it is too hard? We have several levels and we firmly believe the important thing is that you have fun!







Even if you don’t have an Internet connection, if you’re on vacation, the games works without the internet, wherever you are.

However, to see the statistics and update the application, you should connect it from time to time.





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We are working on the clinical validation of our program. We can already rely on studies showing the benefits of cognitive stimulation. (see Studies)