Brain training apps for everyone


A playful and cultural brain training app that stimulate the memory. A web tracking platform can analyze and monitor performance.

 At home or in institutions (nursing homes, hospital, …)

DYNSEO offers a whole range of playful and cultural memory games so you can have fun and stay healthy at the same time.

Through cultural exercises (general knowledge quizzes, puzzles of famous paintings, literature, fast games, etc.) you will train different memory functions: : long term and short term memory, attentiveness, focus, visual and spatial memory, implementation of strategies etc.

All these functions will help you challenge yourself and preserve your independence.

Additionally, your statistics are automatically uploaded on a web platform that allows you to analyze and monitor your health.


Each generation has its own adapted app 

Because each generation has its own cultural references and its own expectations in terms of games, we created two different programs : every generation can have its own brain traning apps !



In institutions or at home

Today we sell our brain training program Stim’Art both :

  • For home use
  • To institutions such as nursing homes, care homes, residential services, day care, home care services, hospitals and clinics.


You are:


The benefits of our memory games are :

  • A program praised by the users and a clinical validation in progress
  • An inter-generational program
  • A web platform to analyze and keep track of your statistics
  • Games that can run without Internet connection
  • Several features to play together or have a simplified integrated inbox

Stim’Art in short

Try our apps for free 

You can download our apps on any android tablet or ipad, and test them for free!


Memory games adapted for all

Memory games adapted for all