Dominique Sauquet


After 20 years of research in medical informatics at the AP-HP (Paris Hospitals Group), 10 years as a professor at Centrale Paris specializes in the development of mobile applications, and 10 years at the head of her company It’s, developing mobile apps , Dominique is now the technical director of DYNSEO . With 5 ideas by minute and a legendary energy , Dominique is a fan of sports … and her 4 children.

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    Justine Sauquet

    Justine SAUQUET, CEO of DYNSEO

    After managing a team of 50 consultants for 3 years at Altran , its fiber entrepreneur catches up and she took on the adventure of entrepreneurship. After a failure , it will bounce her back and find the right idea during a visit to a retirement home . The idea of ​​DYNSEO was thus born with the aim to create applications for seniors that are playful … but also are healthy ! Always attracted internationally, she has discovered through various courses and studies abroad during her studies at EM Lyon, Justine is developing Dynseo in Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Canada and China.

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