Why train your brain?

With age, the brain loses its liveliness and stamina just like the body does. It is therefore essential to train cognitive functions: memory, attentiveness, speech, executive function, etc. in order to preserve as long as possible its abilities. Cognitive impairment may be revealing of neurodegenerative diseases, the most widespread being Alzheimer’s disease. The latter can quickly result in a decline in memory, reasoning ability, and in loss of autonomy. Prevention is better than cure, and the key to aging well and healthily is to keep an active and fit brain, through daily stimulation exercises.

Stim’Art challenges the following cognitive functions:

– focus

– executive functions

– semantic memory

– episodic memory

– autobiographical memory

– speed

– visuospatial perception

– working memory

– visual memory and visual gnosia

– auditory memory anditory gnosia

Indeed, the Stim’Art program we developed is a thorough means of cognitive training.  The games available are thus perfectly complementary.


executive functions


Our recommendations for healthy aging


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